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If you like truly original designs, we have for you something special in the form of luxury tables to decorate your interior. If in addition to this, you gravitate towards cars, we would like to introduce to you items which will literally amaze you.

Štěpán Marek: luxury interiors accompanied by the smell of petrol

Eva Ledecká
19.Jan 2017
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Štěpán Marek designs and manufactures luxury interiors accompanied by the smell of petrol. He uses engines or other parts of big-name cars as the basis for his work. Would you like a table made from a Porsche wheel? Do you dream of a complete interior made from a Ferrari engine? Fantasy knows no bounds.  

It is up to you and you alone whether Štěpán Marek delivers “only” a table or whether he designs and manufactures a complete interior. He will always provide you with an absolutely novel work of art which will underline your individuality and penchant for cars.

Luxury interiors for car fans

These interiors are hand-crafted in a high-quality manner and use real car parts.

The finish and combination of materials used in an interior like this will be executed precisely according to your specifications. Piston heads and intake ducts can be combined with stone, an engine block with leather and a wheel with wood. Everything comes down to your taste and preferences.

An engraved monogram or your company’s logo and signature added by hand is then “merely” the icing on the cake.

Štěpán Marek will always supply a unique work of art elaborated with care right down to the very last detail.

Loftové byty Praha 220m
Loftové byty Praha 220m, Praha 6

Luxury tables from luxury cars

An exclusive table with the engine block from a Ferrari F430 with electroplated chrome pistons and handmade engine cover will provide a unique designer decoration for your interior. The same goes for a luxury table made from the racing wheels of a Ferrari with nickel-plated legs and the Ferrari logo as the central feature.

A highly polished rear wheel was used for the table made from a Porsche Turbo wheel, complemented by legs from solid pine.

Treat yourself to a glass of superb whisky on a table made from a V4 Mercedes Benz Ponton engine with the top half of the aluminium legs upholstered in leather. It will taste just as exceptional as that from a luxury table made from the engine of a Jaguar, the head of which has been highly polished. It has gold-plated nuts and bolts and the stone base plate is made of luxurious onyx.

Buy yourself an original

If you have a table like this made (prices range from CZK 50,000 upwards), you can be certain that you own an absolute original. For example, just like Mr Mansory, modification expert at the court of Rolls Royce, some members of the Ferrari Owners Club and other important businessmen, bankers and fans of cars, luxury and individuality.

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