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The florists Givelo delivers breathtaking flower arrangements which you can have at home in 90 minutes. Will you succumb to their magic?

St Valentine's Day in Combination With the Enchanting Art of GiveloFlorists

Mgr. Jana Höger
12.Feb 2018
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2 minutes

How a dream became reality

Natallia Mičková comes from Belarus, where according to her words, giving flowers is far more common is the case in the Czech Republic. Simply put, Belarusians do not look for a reason to give flowers. It is a normal part of everyday life. The florist and flower designer has taken on a difficult challenge, to teach this way of thinking to men in the Czech Republic. Perhaps an ambitious goal, but why not try it? At the same time there came the idea of "flowers to your home inside 90 minutes".

An outpouring of St. Valentine´s Day flowers: which will be the best?

The dominant flowers of the day will certainly be typical St. Valentine's Day bouquets in red, but also romantic, delicate combinations. You have guessed correctly that the most desired will be red roses. The florists, Givelo, seeks always to offer its clients also some more original and luxurious gems in the form of for example anemones or tulips in red tones. They are simply perfect!  

Boxes as a luxurious and practical accessory or "no eye will remain dry"

Boxes that are made of paper are available in several colour variations. For true romantic souls the florists, Givelo, prepared a limited offer - boxes in the shape of a heart.

New trends also include delivery of a non-traditional forms of flower bouquets; in a flower box, pot or a cone. However, a luxury alternative here is a transparent box.

Prodej luxusní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej luxusní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

Hot red - a symbol of passion and burning love

Red colour in the speech of flowers proclaims a symbol of love, passion and commitment. What is the opinion of Mrs Nattalie?

“I think that nobody actually remembers why this is the case, it is a little stereotype which we do not want to let go."

What is the most luxurious flower for you?

"It is relatively difficult to choose, at the same time it also changes with the seasons. I have several favourite flowers, luxury is defined a little differently, depending on a person. But the last something took my breath away was a bouquet of buttercups, tulips eucalyptus which is in our offer. Beauty is in simplicity!" Nattalia added.

Do you yourself get flowers on 14. 2.?

"My husband does not wait for the right date in the calendar, so I get flowers throughout the year just because, without any reason. And I must say that no other reason ever gave me more pleasure. Just ´because´ is an incredibly beautiful profession of love. But he doesn´t forget, or overlook St. Valentine´s. “

What is your next goal?

"There is a long way ahead of us. Up to now we have operated as an on-line business, but soon we are planning to open our first shop. So far it is all just a concept, but now I can promise you that it will be different than the florists, to which we were accustomed. Will you come to have a look?"

We most certainly will.

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