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There is no better time for fans of good food and wine to visit this historical town in Southern Moravia than in the middle of November. The traditional ten-day St. Martin’s Mikulov festival starts on 10 November.

St. Martin’s Mikulov: it will soon be time for a festival full of luxurious wine!

Eva Ledecká
20.Oct 2017
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Vineyard near Mikulov

Ten days which your taste buds will remember for a long time to come.

During St. Martin’s Mikulov, you can look forward to luxurious gastronomic experiences in the form of a St. Martin’s menu and tasting of young wines which will be taking place throughout the whole of the town in all of the luxury restaurants and wine bars there. You will be able to enjoy traditional roast goose as served up by numerous head chefs. 

31 wineries have joined in the Festival of Open Wine Cellars

In addition to this, the well-known and popular Festival of Open Wine Cellars will be taking place on 11 and 12 November, offering unforgettable experiences in the form of tasting luxurious local wines in wine cellars in Mikulov and in another 5 neighbouring villages. Thanks to shuttle buses, you don’t need to worry about moving from place to place and can thus freely enjoy wine from a total of 31 wine cellars.

Beautiful historical monuments underline the charm of Mikulov

Apart from great food and luxurious wine, you can also visit some interesting places and historical monuments in the town, feast your eyes on romantic views, wander through the charming lanes and soak up the luxurious atmosphere of the picturesque Southern Moravia.

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

There is a square in the historical centre of the town with Renaissance buildings, a fountain and sculptural group of the Holy Trinity. Mikulov is dominated by a chateau built on a cliff majestically looking down over the whole town. You can visit the “Goat Tower” with an artillery tower offering a wonderful view over the whole town of Mikulov and its surrounding areas. On the other side of the town stands “Holy Hill” with stations of the cross leading up to it, representing one of the “Pavlov Hills”. This is a pilgrimage site and one of the oldest sites with stations of the cross in the Czech lands.

Simply put, the middle of November is a time of Moravian wine in the Czech Republic and it would be a pity to miss this luxurious experience.

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