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South Korea – a country of unbelievable contrasts and hope for a medal from the OG 2018

Mgr. Jana Höger
09.Feb 2018
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South Korea, Seoul

South Korea represents a combination of the traditional face of this Asian state and luxurious modern elements. Shrouded in greenery, with its grey mountains, it offers an intense and unusual travel experience. Will you let yourself by captivated?

A town you must visit at least once in your life – the futuristic Seoul

The name of the city is an actual Korean word meaning capital city. One of the most prestigious and luxurious monuments is the Gyeongbokgung Royal Palace dating from the 14th century, but there are also other palaces and temples from the 15th century that can proud of their uniqueness. The most famous Namdaenum Southern Gate, the Gyeongbok Palace dating from 1592 and the Changdeokgung Palace with the Donhwamun Gate are all located here. The Deoksugung Palace, a former royal palace, now proudly houses modern art exhibitions. You will find the State Museum of Modern At in the satellite town of Gwacheong. The Jongmyo Shrine of the royal ancestors is registered as a UNESCO heritage site. The unusual beauty of the pagoda of the Wongaksa Monastery, built of granite and marble, is also a great attraction. But luxurious Seoul also has another face as a modern city with everything this entails.

The city underwent a major “facelift” during the last year and new parks were opened, and deluxe skyscrapers, coffee bars, bars and libraries have all sprung up like mushrooms. Seoul is basically the engine of the Korean economy, which was established on centuries of tradition.

South Korea can be described as switching between nature and the hustle and bustle of the city

Just an hours journey will be enough to take you away from the pulsating city of Seoul. You will find yourself rocked in the peaceful arms of nature in the middle of the forested national parks. The best-known and most sought-after place is the Diamond Mountains. This mountain range offers a number of natural sites of beauty. There are also around 3,000 smaller islands near the Korean peninsula, the largest of which is Jeju.

Glory be to the Olympic Games. Future sports awards in the form of medals?

Seoul underwent enormous modernisation during the nineteen eighties. The world football championships held in Korea and Japan in 2002 were a major event and a modern football stadium was constructed for them.

The most highly awaited current event is the 23rd official Olympic Games being held in South Korea in Pyeongchang. The Olympics are a milestone in the city’s history for Korea. And yes, we would like to win a deluxe medal at these games for our country. We are keeping our fingers crossed for our athletes!

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