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This highly talented artist has already had 2 exhibitions at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery in London. Discover the paintings of David Brian Smith, which will carry you off to a different planet with their depth and colours.

Soothing Paintings by David Brian Smith

Eva Ledecká
24.Apr 2017
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David Brian Smith hails from a farming family in Shropshire. His father was a shepherd, which explains the central theme of the artist’s paintings – English countryside, meadows, horses and shepherds. 

Starring the shepherd

A shepherd has played the starting role even in his earliest paintings. David Smith drew his first shepherd based on a picture from a 1930’s newspaper found by his mother and depicting a shepherd. He then used this work to find his own style. In order to feel like a part of his paintings, he paints them in life size.

Influence of artistic schools

He was born in 1981 in Wolverhampton, England, and currently lives and works in the inspiring environment of London. He studied at Wolverhampton University and Chelsea College of Art and Design in London, which is a part of the University of the Arts London, the leading British art and design institution with international repute. The university offers other and higher educational courses in art, graphic design, textile design and spatial art.

Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

The luxury paintings of David Brian Smith fall into two different periods, characterised by two dramatically different styles. After attending the Chelsea School of Art, he produced a series of original monochromatic canvases. Then his style underwent a major change in terms of colour, with possibly the entire palette being used in his paintings. Through this vivid period, his style gradually transitioned into presentations of pictorial surrealism.

2 exhibits at the luxurious Saatchi Gallery

Many artists never get to exhibit their works at the prestigious Saatchi Gallery. David Smith has done so twice at just 35 years of age. In 2010 he had a solo exhibition at the venue titled Great Expectation – Wow. The second time, his works were shown at the Saatchi Gallery in 2016 at a collective exhibition with other artists titled Painters’ Painters.

At present, the artist’s works are on display at the Carl Freedman Gallery in London and at the Albert Baronian Gallery in Brussels.

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