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Slightly different spa treatments: "bathing" in ice, soup or snakes

Snakes or sperm! Unorthodox spa treatments that can cost you life!

Karolína Lišková
01.Aug 2019
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2 minutes
Strach uvolní vaše svaly.

Everyone loves luxury, pampering, treatments and quality care for our precious bodies. Spas, massages, beauty wraps, everything that today's beauty salons offer. We don't hesitate to spend a huge amount of money, not only on the experience, but mainly on the promise of beauty, eternal youth, and firstly and foremostly, on an instant miracle. But how far are we willing to go? Would you dare to undergo a snake massage, for instance?

Tady vám nastříkají do vlasů býčí spermie.
Je libo k jídlu i k mytí polévku?
Kdo by se koupal v bahně? Ve víně je pravda...

Cuddling with snakes is said to be a very effective method for relieving joint and muscle pain. Up to six non-poisonous and non-aggressive snakes, such as certain types of milk snake or cornsnake, can writhe over your body. This procedure is widespread in Indonesia. They'll let several snakes simultaneously crawl over your body. Fear is an important part of this relaxation procedure. During the process, the human body releases adrenaline, lactic acid is released from the muscles and lipids are broken down.

This type of massage was discovered in Bali. According to local masseurs, snake movement on the body offers a level of relaxation unachievable by the masseur's hands. The procedure is always performed by two masseurs, takes several minutes and consists of several techniques.

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

When snakes get hungry...

Pythons from half to ten meters long are used for the relaxation ritual. The masseurs feed the snakes half an hour before each procedure, so that the client wouldn't accidentally end up as a snack, because pythons are able to consume prey up to 5 times larger than their own size.

Thanfully, there's no shaman offering this procedure in Prague - yet. Although the Thai do advertise "snake massages" for men, these are only called that way because snake ointment is used. But one day, someone will discover the business potential in this, and then pythons and similar vermin will become part of Prague's flora and fauna. Not long ago, a runaway mamba scared the entire population and the whole metropolis was afraid to leave their house.

A fertile hair mask

An unconventional procedure where a protein mask made from a mixture of Aberdeen Angus bull semen and the plant root of the Iranian herb Katera is applied to your hair guarantees perfectly shiny and firm hair. The bull semen is frozen before use and therefore does not smell. If you long for really fine, soft yet strong hair, then go to Hari's salon in London for this procedure. You'll pay about two thousand crowns for 45 minutes.

How about a soup bath?

In the Japanese town of Hakone, south of Tokyo, a truly unique spa Junessun can be found. They offer extraordinary prodecures there. Public swimming pools invite you to take a bath in thermal water doused with red wine, coffee, sake or green tea.

But the most extraordinary procedure of all is the soup bath. The client sits in a tub shaped like a soup bowl, which is filled with strong warm broth with pepper, garlic and collagen. This combination is said to promote metabolism and nourish the skin. Naturally, the client can taste the soup during the bath.

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