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New electric design car with crystal details

ŠKODA introduced an electric SUV! Crystal accessories are only the beginning!

Marie Ševčíková
01.Sep 2020
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Nová Škoda ENYAQ iV

ŠKODA AUTO finally revealed the newest car from its workshop today: the ENYAQ iV. And we were there! While this all-new car emphasizes sustainability and ecology, it also hides plenty of luxurious design features. And if you believe that only men can get passionate about cars, we'll show you how wrong you are. This model comes with crystal accessories!

The brand new car with a novel concept gave the designers an opportunity to create details that set the ENYAQ iV apart from other ŠKODA models. At the same time, they've launched the design language of the carmaker into future, while keeping the tradition of Czech design in mind. It's a purely electric car, which makes it quiet, practical and environmentally friendly. The exterior should be approximately the size of a Škoda OCTAVIA, but the interior should offer as much space as the KODIAQ! That means you'll be able to fit in either your entire family, or a whole lot of shopping bags! Let's hope that even the likes of me will be able to park it...

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Panoramatická střecha vozu ENYAQ
Panoramatická střecha vozu ENYAQSource:

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Škoda ENYAQ iV
Škoda ENYAQ iVSource:

The designers put a lot of work into the interior

The designers of ŠKODA AUTO were allegedly inspired by the world of modern living, which enabled them to come up with interiors fine-tuned in every aspect. The individual design variants differ from each other in the seat covers, the dash trims and the dashboard, as well as in materials used. Woven carpets, a center console and ambient lighting, which underlines the atmosphere of your ride... Well, you be the judge of whether or not it feels like home!

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Interiér vozu ŠKODA ENYAQ iV
Interiér vozu ŠKODA ENYAQ iVSource:

Czech crystal as a tribute to Czech craft

Overall, the headlights of ŠKODA cars are a bit slimmer now than they used to be, which lends them a more dynamic look. In the ENYAQ, however, the lights have been designed not only as a functional element, but also as a design feature. The grill, made completely of crystal, is connected to the lights, thanks to which it emenates a beautiful shine. In it, the designers combined luxurious and modern elements with traditional Czech glass production. And the result is truly impressive!

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Prosvětlený Crystal Face vozu ENYAQ
Prosvětlený Crystal Face vozu ENYAQSource:

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Křišťálové detaily české značky Preciosa
Křišťálové detaily české značky PreciosaSource:

Founders Edition is a special edition for the anniversary of the founding of the carmaker

As if that was not enough, Škoda is also celebrating its jubilee anniversary. That motivated the manufacturers to focus their efforts on creating something even more unique. A luxury limited edition of Founders Edition cars, the 1 895, will therefore also be available for purchase. It's reminiscent of the company's successful history and its founding by Václav Laurin and Václav Klement exactly 125 years ago. And we really like this limited vehicle! In addition, ENYAQ iV cars from the Founders Edition boast a plaque with a serial number on a leather steering wheel, manufactured by the Czech glass company Preciosa.

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ENYAQ iV limitovaná Founders Edition
ENYAQ iV limitovaná Founders EditionSource:

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Plaketa nového vozu ENYAQ
Plaketa nového vozu ENYAQSource:

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Kolo na voze ENYAQ Founders Editon
Kolo na voze ENYAQ Founders EditonSource:

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Founders Edition placket z dílny Preciosa
Founders Edition placket z dílny PreciosaSource:

When will it be available and for how much?

And now it's time for hard facts and reality. It will be possible to pre-order ŠKODA ENYAQ iV cars on the Czech market from 3 September. The price of the basic model will start at CZK 1,059,900 o, but other variants will also be available. The start of sales of ENYAQ iV cars from the exclusive Founders Edition is planned for spring 2021.

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Přední gril a křišťálové detaily
Přední gril a křišťálové detailySource:

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Maska s křišťálovými detaily Preciosa
Maska s křišťálovými detaily PreciosaSource:

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Elektrické nabíjení vozu ENYAQ iV
Elektrické nabíjení vozu ENYAQ iVSource:

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Exteriér vozu ŠKODA ENYAQ iV
Exteriér vozu ŠKODA ENYAQ iVSource:

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 5 – 327m2, Praha 5

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