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The exclusive Swiss Zai skis feature luxurious minimalist designs and top class riding features. Their price can rise to several hundred thousand Czech crowns.

The most expensive skis for Bentley, Hublot, Moncler

Eva Ledecká
21.Nov 2017
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Zai for Bentley

The name Zai comes from the Latin word that means hard, which also symbolises endurance and timelessness. The skis feature an extremely high quality and modern design that is not subject to trendiness. What is most important with these skis is the use of special materials that are responsible for their long life, perfect features and, of course, a high price. On the slope, however, you will immediately feel the difference. 

The Zai brand is the leader in regard to the use of new technologies and revolutionary materials. Many of them have been developed and patented by the Zai brand. Amongst them you will also find not quite typical granite, cedar wood, volcanic rubber, felt or linen.

The great properties of cedar wood

Cedar wood is light, stable and resistant to twisting. Thanks to its excellent tension, it returns back to its original form after bending. Moreover, the use of cedar wood reduces the weight of skis, the surface of which is made of walnut veneer, which ensures natural absorption and contributes to quiet ride.

Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2
Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2, Okolí Prahy

Unusual material: carbon fibre stone

CFS® carbon fibre stone has been developed and it is manufactured by TechnoCarbon Technologies: carbon fibre is injected into natural granite during production. This unique material guarantees flexibility without fracture, offers high elasticity and shape stability. Zai is the only producer to use it for the production of skis.

Other materials include vulcanised natural rubber. It is a material that is extremely shock-resistant and scratch-resistant, suitable for the ski surface and with excellent absorption properties. In addition, the company uses the unique properties of felt, which also has its irreplaceable place.

Skis tailored for luxury brands

A great deal of luxury brands who produce customised skis have been convinced by the qualities of the Swiss manufacturer of Zai skis, for example Hublot, Bentley, Moncler or the luxury resort of St. Moritz. The prices of such skis can raise a half a million crowns.

Introducing a new collection in Zurich

If you have a trip to Zurich between the 10th and the 27th November, visit the international exhibition fair "blickfang Zürrich" where a new collection of skis and skiwear will be presented.

In the Czech Republic, Zai skis are available in the luxury boutique of the Savoy Hotel in Špindlerův Mlýn.

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