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Get some snow in Greece

Skiing in Greece. The Troodos Mountains in Winter Experienced First Hand!

Jana Fikotová
29.Dec 2018
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Do you love Greece and wouldn´t you just love to go there in winter, too? No problem! Cyprus holiday season doesn´t end with the summer. I´ve set off into the hills of the Troodos mountain range, taking skis, too.

Cyprus, Troodos mountains
Cyprus, Troodos mountains
Cyprus, Troodos mountains

The island of Cyprus is not only picturesque, full of beautiful sun-flooded beaches, but in winter, the climate offers another, untypical face. The Troodos mountains offers skiing opportunities, too! Although the winter here is short, and as winter sports aficionado I have to admit that the conditions here are not the same as in the Alps, but never mind. Yet skiing at a height of about 1,900 metres above sea level can be enjoyed from December to March. But it is not possible every year. If you are really planning to ski in Cyprus, I advise you to watch the weather prior to departure. 

Skis, sleds or Alpine cross-country skiing

The highest peak called Chionistra has four ski slopes called Hera, Zeus, Hermes and Afrodita. There are also two cross country skiing circuits. While enjoying the sport activities, you can savour the views with beautiful monasteries and churches.

Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m
Luxusní penthouse na Praze 1 - 226m, Praha 1

The hotels are prepared for winter, too

Several hotels offer accommodation within the range of the skiing resort; and are heated. They also provide the guests with an option to hire or service skis. In some hotels there are also swimming pools and saunas. Another option of accommodation for visitors of the resort are mountain villas and apartments, or B&Bs, some of which are designed and furnished in the style of traditional Cypriot houses. The price of a hotel for two persons starts at around CZK 15,000. If you want to enjoy the magic of the capital city of Larnaca, its distance from Troodos is approximately 100 km.

Christmas atmosphere with everything that goes with it

The national park of Troodos occupies 45% of the total area of the mountain range. It snows here in winter, but apart from skiing it is also an ideal place for those who want to experience the real Christmas feeling in Cyprus. The park offers also romantic walks along paths which are either two or eight kilometres long. Even in winter the place will offer you a range of rare plants, such as the Cyprus cedar, lowland trees or different kinds of pines. Animals and birds may be seen at the National Park of Troodos in any season.

The Cyprus Airways announced that it will also operate flights in winter. The aero lines launched operations between Prague and Larnarca in June of this year, with flights scheduled for Mondays and Fridays. During the winter season the carrier offers flights on the same days, but at different times. It is indeed a destination with an interesting potential and passengers from both countries have a lively interest in this connection. Prices of flight tickets from Prague to Larnaca start at EUR 160, inclusive of all taxes and charges. For a more pleasant wait for my flight I´ve purchased the Private Check-in Service for a super price of CZK 999,-. 

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