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Ski season has begun: the ideal opportunity for beautiful Czech women to get dressed up in clothing worth hundreds of thousands of crowns!

11.Dec 2017
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Lucie Hadašová, Nikol Švantnerová and Veronika kašáková

These women are beautiful not only on the catwalk and in their TV series. When ski season arrives, they are also able to light up the slopes. When ski season officially started in Špindlerův mlýn, not only were these Czech beauties present in the town, they were suitably luxuriously dressed for the occasion. 

Špindlerův mlýn, which is nicknamed the Czech Aspen, was teeming with beautiful Czech women at the weekend. But the models and actresses also showed that it was not only about showing off luxury skiwear. Most of them would also get top marks for their skiing.

“I started skiing at primary school and went straight from beginner to wining second place in the downhill competition on the school ski trip. I haven’t skied for 13 years, so I am a little worried about how good my skills will be now. But apparently you never forget how to do it,” said Lucie Hadašová speaking to Luxury Prague Life. She claims that it is definitely possible to look sexy even in skiwear. “You can definitely feel sexy wearing that, especially in Sportalm clothing! That is irresistible,” said the charming Lucie with a smile.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8, Praha 8

Veronika Arichteva, star of the TV series “The First Republic” also loves skiing and winter sports: “I have been skiing since the age of three. Dad was a passionate skier and encouraged me and my sister to ski from an early age.” As opposed to the others, Veronika is also an extremely accomplished snowboarder. But she did confide in us that she has to be careful due to her work commitments. She would not necessarily fit the role written for her by the scriptwriter with a broken arm.

Mariana Prachařová also loves the mountains. She recently returned from America where she travelled around for almost three months. But she prefers the complete experience of the mountain ritual from A to Z. “I have always enjoyed going to the mountains. I enjoy the whole experience. Skiing during the day, going for lunch in your salopettes, then having a nice hot cup of tea and heading back to the slopes. Then being pleasantly tired from all the skiing in the evening and playing board games and so on. Simply put, the mountains have always been a relaxing laid-back sort of place for me.”

Luxury winter clothing was also worn by the Miss Czech Republic finalists Veronika Kašáková and Nikol Švantnerová. Which of the ladies did skiwear suit the most? What do you think?

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