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A luxurious holiday worthy of the royalty

The six most luxurious hotels in the world, where celebrities go to hide

26.Jun 2019
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Emirates Palace

Dreamlike views, flawless beds and butlers at your disposal around the clock. That and more belongs to the "basic" amenities of the most luxurious hotels in the world, which regularly appear in a number of prestigious charts. They are also often sought after by celebrities hoping to hide away from their fans. If these hotels spiked your interest, prepare a couple of tens to hundreds of thousands of crowns for an overnight stay.

Atlantis Paradise Island (Bahamas)

The large resort is one of the most sought after hotels on this Caribbean island. Its style is inspired by the mythical Atlantis and it features a plethora of beautiful huge pools. The hotel's best suite is the so-called Royal Towers Bridge, located on the 23th floor, with 10 rooms, huge windows overlooking the sea and a dining room with a 22-carat chandelier. Seven butlers are always ready to serve the guests.

The Boulders (Arizona)

The majestic hotel in the middle of the Sonora desert, overlooking the mountains, is in fact a huge spa complex spanning over 5000 square kilometers, where the air of luxury is everpresent and reflects on the quality of services. Part of the spa complex are two golf courses with a first-class finish, and a special VIP villa, which is often used by celebrities longing for absolute anonymity. The hotel has never revealed which of the famous faces have been "hiding" there.

Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou
Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou, Praha 4

The Palms (Las Vegas)

Arriving to sinful Las Vegas, you can choose from a wide range of luxury hotels alongside the famous Strip, each offering a variety of attractions, fancy amenities and premium service. One of them, however, surpasses the others with its luxury - The Palms. There are several rooftop rooms equipped with furniture made of exquisite materials in the hotel, whirlpools with phenomenal views of the entire city and swivel beds. The highlight of this profligacy is the 790-square-foot super-suite, featuring a bar with 17 chairs, a gym and a swimming pool of its own. It can fit 52 guests and one night costs over 900 thousand crowns.

The Plaza (New York City)

Built back in 1907, the hotel is a stalwart od luxury, situated right in the middle of the crowded New York City. Guests can enjoy fascinating views, lavish dinners for large groups, an extensive library as well as VIP rooms with a private chef.

Emirates Palace (Abu Dhabi)

It cost an incredible 67 billion crowns to build this hotel, which offers 394 rooms or suites and 40 conference rooms. Visitors can access a beach covered in white sand, magnificent fountains and vast pools. More than a thousand Swarowski crystals have been used as part of the decoration.

Burj Al Arab Hotel (Dubai)

One of the world's most famous hotels is easily recognizable through its appearance - after all, the building belongs to the most photographed ones in the world. The best suites here span over two floors and they come with a private heliport, a personal butler and a fleet of several Rolls Royces with chauffeurs.

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