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If you are a fan of books who loves to feast their eyes on a full library, who picks up every book with respect and if you are a person who sees literary and artistic value there, it would be an honour for us to introduce to you a true gem among books. A thing of luxury among collectors.

Sistine Chapel – the most expensive luxury book in the Czech Republic

Mgr. Jana Höger
09.Nov 2016
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The Book Sistine Chapel

A book as an investment

If you see luxury art as an investment and want to become a generous donator to the Vatican Museum, become the owner of the three-volume book Sistine Chapel by the Euromedia publishing house. You can buy this rare item in terms of pre-sales for CZK 229,000.00 (CZK 329,000.00 in terms of regular sales). With a view to its exclusivity, there are only 100 copies available on the Czech market and only 1,999 in the whole world. One volume weighs around 30 kilogrammes.

The Book Sistine Chapel
Sistine Chapel - the detail of the ceiling
Collecting material for a book

Exclusivity of the Sistine Chapel book

Why invest a not inconsiderable amount of money into this work of art? Its high value and prestige lies in its luxury pictorial documentation which was created over the course of more than 37 years. You will find here reproductions of frescoes in 1:1 scale, which allows you to admire the art of Michelangelo right up close. Apart from this, ownership of the book allows you to take advantage of a unique tour of the Sistine Chapel outside of the regular opening hours with individual commentary by an erudite guide.

Technological background of the book

The images which are to be found in the book were taken using special laser technology which offers readers an unprecedented luxury experience looking at all of the details. This world-class work is divided into three parts called The Last Judgement, The Ceiling – Creation of the World -  and Frescoes from the 15th century – paintings from the south, north and west walls by leading artists from the Italian Renaissance.

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

Ownership of the book

An unconventional approach is taken to the whole act from purchasing of the book, right through to leafing through its pages. Together with your purchase of this luxury book, you will receive confirmation of ownership and will thus be entered in the list of donators to the most famous of Renaissance monuments. You can also choose a serial number from 701 to 800. Testament to the fragile and unique nature of the illustrations is the fact that you get special protective gloves as a special bonus to go with the book to be used when handling the pages which are printed using special inks in order to preserve the high quality of the photographs.


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