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Electric cars are slowly becoming an everyday sight on our roads. But we would like to introduce a luxury electric car which is able to recharge its batteries from the sun.

Sion: car driven by sun!

Eva Ledecká
30.Sep 2017
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Sion, Sono Motors

Sion is a car developed by Sono Motors and it is the first model ever to be equipped with this unique property. 

How does this luxury car work?

330 solar cells which are recharged by energy from the sun are integrated into the car’s bodywork. In order to ensure they are protected from the harmful effects of the environment, they are covered in a layer of polycarbonate. This is very light and resistant to scratches and strong wind.

The electric Sion has a range of 250 km and is able to generate energy for a further 30 km from the sun under ideal conditions. This luxury system is called viSono. Does this not seem like very much to you? We think this is quite decent performance for the first partially solar-powered car. The Sion does of course offer air-conditioning and an engine with an output of 80kW.

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Simple interior

The car’s interior is designed in a very simple and sparse manner, so don’t expect any extreme luxury here. Simply put, the manufacturer has placed the main emphasis on the car’s unique solar feature. You may be interested inside the car in the breSono air filtration system and the information system with a 10-inch display.

BreSono: moss in the dashboard

Yes, you read that right. Sono Motors has integrated special moss into the dashboard which filters up to 20% of fine dust particles and ensures regulation of humidity inside the car. But you needn’t worry about having to water or cut it. This special moss does not require any special maintenance at all.

The car also boasts a great feature, this being two-way charging. The Sion does not only take on energy, but is also able to provide it to another car or device, which basically means that this is a small mobile power station. You can connect any of your electrical devices and charge them with the aid of the Sion battery.

The manufacturer Sono Motors has a clear objective: to produce vehicles which will one day be able to operate without petrol, diesel and emissions. The starting price of the Sion is EUR 16,000, which is approximately CZK 415,000.


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