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The first day of the Signal festival is behind us and we of course couldn´t let pass the chance of a stroll through unusual night-time Prague.

SIGNAL FESTIVAL Experienced Personally. This Light Show is Definitely Worth it!

Eva Ledecká
12.Oct 2018
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One cannot manage to walk through everything in one day. We have started exactly at 19:00 on the Republic Square and continued to walk past almost all light installations in the city centre. On top of that we have managed the Karlín circuit, too.

The circuit in the city centre has one great advantage - the installations will take you to places where you probably normally wouldn´t go. But there is also one disadvantage: you will probably find that queuing is inevitable. But then again it wasn´t so terrible after all! Traditionally, there is an extremely long queue only at Prague Clementinum. The Karlín circuit has prepared a very pleasant surprise indeed. You certainly shouldn´t miss the light installations here! What has seemed absolutely breath-taking to us?

The black hole and 3D video-mapping in Karlín!

We actually had to revisit the luxurious and very successful 3D video-mapping at Karlín Kasárna (garrison house) since it definitely belongs among the BEST on offer of Signal this year! It was prepared by the independent creative studio from the Basque country, Hotaru Visual Guerilla; it has our admiration!

Or are you more interested or fascinated by black hole? So, head over to Karlín Barracks where there is performance prepared by a group of artists and programmers named 3dsense with audio-visualisation Erebus. Very well done indeed!

And the last artistic piece which stunned and amused us, is in Karlín circuit, displaying the work of a Swiss author, who creates under the pseudonym of Zimoun. He placed into the Hauch Gallery 216 cardboard boxes with little engines, to which are fixed 216 cotton wool balls on a cable. Each little engine works at a different speed; the cables are not of identical length and the balls, clashing against the box, oscillate differently, creating sounds.

Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy

What do we recommend in the city centre

Also worthwhile to see in the city centre is the luxury installation of Heaven on Earth in the courtyard of the Clam-Gallas Palace, created by Czech artist, Richard Loskot. Clouds created from foam, illuminated by different colours are really reminiscent of the sky.

The Aquarium is another work which has transported us to another world - but this time not into heavens, but under the water surface. This luxurious interactive simulation inspired by the underwater world was created by artist Marpi, originally from Poland, currently living in San Francisco. This is an infinite project which uses a special application which adapts to active audiences. You can watch it on a wall in the courtyard of Klementinum.

In the city centre our attention was also caught by an installation, which at first glance is not very striking, but which is very attractive when you take a closer look; it is at the Vltava River, named NE(U)KLID. Artist Verga has installed on the water surface a lot of light points which oscillate by internal energy, driven by river currents. Majestic Prague Castle can be seen in the background.

The festival lasts until Sunday 14. 10. We wish you to enjoy a luxurious experience!

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