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It was not just the main star of the film festival Julianne Moore shining on the red carpet, the faces of the Czech show business were not behind.

Showcase of models from the opening of KVIFF! Who showed their sense of fashion?

Lucie Melecká
29.Jun 2019
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4 minutes

The festive opening of the 54th Karlovy Vary International Film Festival takes place every year in the Thermal Hotel. Report from the opening with Julianne Moore can be found HERE.

On friday night the festival's star, Oscar-winning actress Julianne Moore, has been the focus of media and public attention. On the red carpet, she wore a brilliant yellow robe by Valentino, which was decorated with cascading ruffles and together with her husband they were the perfect pair this year!

However, the stars of Czech show business did not stay behind in terms of fashion. And that's what we focused on! So, let's do it!

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Lucie Melecká
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Ornella Koktová
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Názor PROTI PROUDU: Lucie Melecká

Andrea Bartošková, Jitka Schneiderová and model Hana Soukupová are the masters of fashion

Jiří Bartoška, the President of the Film Festival, with his wife Andrea are one of the best dressed couples every year. This year is no exception. Mrs. Andrea put on a red robe from her favourite designer, Daniela Flejšarová, in which she looked magnificent.

Another bright star and star of the festival was that evening Jitka Schneiderová, who was decorated with a Elisabetta Franchi dress, BVLGARI jewelry and a Serpenti clutch. Jitka just never missteps, she was born with a sense of fashion!

The top-model, Hana Soukupová, brought the white luxury dress of the world designer Valentino. She decorated the outfit with a pink clutch and was absolutely perfect.

Jewellery worth 3 million crowns worn by Nikol Svantnerova

Model Nikol Švanterová is one of those who think their outfit through to the last detail. On the red carpet, the Poner dress was tailor-made and decorated with ALO diamonds worth 3 million crowns!

In a snow-white dress, also from Poner, the wife of the billionaire Karel Komárek Štěpánka, who was accompanied by KKCG's press spokesman Dan Plovajko, showed up that evening. It must be said that Mrs. Štěpánka has a flawless figure and can afford this type of dress.

Luxusní vila na prodej, Praha-západ - 255m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Praha-západ - 255m, Okolí Prahy

Jana Plodková, Lenka Krobotová and Geisler sisters again demonstrated their original style

Actress Jana Plodková shone in the golden robe of Czech designer Tatiana Kovaříková. The dress was made of lightweight material with an effective back cut. She chose the world-famous Cartier jewellery for them. The dress is beautiful, but Jana can do much better.

Aňa Geislerová came in a black robe Pietro Filipi decorated with Halada jewellery accompanied by her younger sister Ester. She chose Vivienne Westwood's dress for the evening. Ladies looked pretty good, but at other times they did better!

Lenka Krobotová and Hana Vagnerová also enjoyed the ladies night. Hana brought a nice fluffy model from Jarka and Dominika Sedláčková and Lenka was not afraid to wear the same colour suit from the Slovak designer Michaela Hriňová on the red carpet. Unfortunately, the dress is not very festive, and this time it is not suitable for the red carpet.

Lucie Melecká

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

It's finally here after a year. The 54th KVIFF is not only an event for film hobbyists, but also for fashion fans in the last few years. What showed up on the red carpet this year? Who shone? And who did not fully understand the dress code worth of the opening ceremony?

The brightest star of the evening, Julianne Moore

Oscar-winning actress Julianne arrived in Karlovy Vary for the Crystal Globe for Outstanding Artistic Contribution to World Cinema. On the opening evening she chose a canary yellow frill dress, fine round earrings, and a super-summery hairstyle of the century - beach waves. All this, complemented by a gentle make-up, made the 50-year-old actress suddenly a "girl next door". I really like that she didn't try too hard and she actually chose the summer version of the robe.

Make-up & Hair: 90 % Dress: 88 %

Shiny Jitka Schneiderová

One of the top sexy redheads of the Czech silver screen arrived in Elisabetta Franchi's glittering bathrobe-like dressing gown. The clothes themselves are not controversial but nothing too shocking in particular. And even though Jitka has matched them with a Bvlgari's handbag (she could have chosen a smaller model for the evening) and awesome powder heels perfectly blended with her skin tone.

Make-up & Hair: 53 % Dress: 60 %

The ruffle of the evening Jana Plodková

I am used to Jana not being afraid to experiment with fashion and mostly going agaisnt the stream. But this time she became a "half-conservative". You ask why half? Because her golden dress from Tatiana Kovaříková is so boring that you can never remember them, but you can't forget Jana's hairstyle! This year, hair looking like a crushed broom are in style in Karlovy Vary. How else can you explain this wannabe artistic chaos on her head?

Make-up & Hair: 35 % Dress: 45 %

Golden Nikol Švanterová

Nikol arrived in a gown from Poner, which surprised no one. However, I am pleased that at least someone understands that there is something "extra" to bring to the opening night of KVIFF. So a beautifully made corset reminiscent of Mugler's work pleased me. The length of the slit is fine, the clutch and the heels without a flaw. The only thing I would change is the choice of earrings. They remind me too much of my grandmother's classic clips, and it's not a good thing for a young lady. Certainly for the next time I would prefer a softer variant, for example in the jewellery style by Roberto Coin.

Make-up & Hair: 86 % Dress: 87 %

Out of dress code Hana Soukupová

Perhaps the only model that made it to the outdoor red carpet Hana Soukupová came in a perfectly elegant dress from Valentino. BUT: the dress, clutch, heels and jewelry would be flawless if they were accompanying a festival party. As for the red carpet, I expect at least a dress worthy of black tie not semi formal. That is why I am deducting points here for improperly disrespecting this opportunity.

Make-up & Hair: 70 % Dress: 75 %

Tuxedo Aňa Geislerová

It has been known for years that Aňa can wear men's style and she loves it. And so her choice of black robe model by Pietro Filippi did not surprised me. Anyway, I can't see a mistake here (besides the hairstyle in the style of a crushed broom - again), but I'm not so excited about it to shout that she hit the right spot.

Make-up & Hair: 63 % Dress: 63 %

Lenka Krobotová's Pyjamas Style

In short, Lenka Krobotová's red turtleneck dress reminds me of a bad version of a nightgown. I really don't want to write a "hate", but this is almost a waste of fabric for me. And on the red carpet? Oh dear!

Make-up & Hair: 20 % Dress: 10 %

Ornella Koktová
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