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Dominica Kozáková scored once again. At the MBPFW she presented a collection which shocks as well as entertains!

“Show Must go on” with Dominika Kozáková´s SS19 Collection

Eva Ledecká
02.Sep 2018
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Dominika Kozáková SS19

Dominika Kozáková is a talented young designer who reaps awards even beyond the borders of our country. It is little wonder. Here again at MBPFW she persuaded all present of her zest!

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Eva Ledecká
fashion editor
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Ornella Koktová
Móda proti proudu

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Eva Ledecká

When in the Clam-Gallas palace the music began to boom and on came the extravagant models in their brightly-coloured and very non-conformist outfits, fashion lovers really started to pay attention. So many colours, materials, designs, patterns and incomprehensible combinations are possibly not to be seen again at this year's fashion week. But when you pick one striking item from the entire outfit and combine it with something simple and stylish, a wearable look is created instantly!

Stylish provocation, which entertains!

Dominica Kozáková creates provocative fashion designated for the LGBT company, for a show, a party and for very courageous, creative people who love to attract attention of others and perhaps even indulge in observation of their faces and astonished looks that the outfit instigated. And astonished they are, because this is a serious show!

Prodej luxusního bytu 5+kk Praha 7 - Bubeneč
Prodej luxusního bytu 5+kk Praha 7 - Bubeneč, Praha 7

Dominika Kozáková studies scenography at the Janáček Academy in atelier of Jana Preková. Her fashion could be described by words such as experiment, extravaganza and genderless fashion. The colours, materials and designs are a challenge for her. This year her gender free collection, Freak Show, was presented at MBPFW within VAN GRAAF Junior talent. And only there, she also presented it in the Netherlands in Maastricht at Fashionclash Festival 2018.

Attempt to describe the indescribable collection

The SS19 collection is difficult to describe. In any case it is funny, sexy, crazy and very cool. Such combinations in order to obtain the final look may only be fine-tuned by one who was born with creativity in the blood. In case of Dominika Kozáková this is certainly true. 

Do you want a comparison? Imagine the wildest party in London´s Camden Town, famous for its craziness. It is only for those invited, who observe the dress code: Show must go on!

Eva Ledecká

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

Unwearable collection

The pseudo-artistic happening on Saturday was certainly taken care of by young designer, Dominika Kozáková. Her trendy creations really know no boundaries and are certainly incomparable. After all, where else could you finds UFO-like models with a phosphor-coloured face and an empty picture frame in hand...

At one point it almost seemed to me that one is not looking at a fashion show, but some poorer version of some kind of travesty show from the Deutsche Demokratische Republik. I cannot see anything wearable in the collection. Even if I were to be totally colour-blind, it would not much improve the overall impression! 

Of course, there will be critics who will talk of Dominika Kozáková as about a talented decadent designer. But ´decadence´ does not do anything for me here either. For me this is simply over the top

Ornella Koktová
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