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Visiting Amsterdam doesn't have to be just about drugs...

Shopping in Amsterdam: The crystal boutique is something to behold!

Martina Šmalclová
20.Aug 2019
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Butik Hermès

Architecture sightseeing with your better half

While you're contemplating over the last collection in the boutique and trying to decide which of the two handbags to choose, he is walking in circles like a caged tiger, impatiently checking his watch, and praying for it to be over. You've probably been in such a situation before. If you want to avoid it the next time, take your loved one to Amsterdam. In the land of tulips, shopping is everything but boring!

A feast for the eyes, a disaster for the wallet

If you want to turn shopping into an extraordinary experience, head to Amsterdam. Since 2016, the Crystal Houses concept awaits you here - a feast for the eyes and a small disaster for the wallet. The design gem, located in the shopping street P.C. Hooftstraat near the Van Gogh Museum, is the work of the top architectural company MVRDV.

Bricks from faraway Venice

The Crystal House combines Dutch heritage and modern architecture. The upper floors were therefore built of traditional clay bricks, while the lower part is made of glass. As can be noticed at first glance, creating the transparent façade was not an easy task and required maximum precision. The glass bricks were manufactured in faraway Venice and bonded together with a special adhesive instead of conventional mortar.

Pronájem vily 10+3, 490m2, Praha
Pronájem vily 10+3, 490m2, Praha, Praha 5

Chanel was replaced by Hermès

The building has been home to a Chanel boutique for three years since its opening. But shortly before this year's summer holiday, time has come for a change. The crystal house has been renovated and the luxury French brand Hermès has found its refuge here. And while Chanel had managed with a single floor, Hermès took up two!

This shiny apple isn't rotten inside!

As for the interior, it is dominated by wood. Warm brown and caramel tones were used throughout the boutique. The floor is decorated with a geometric pattern mosaic and the curved staircase of dark wood with red leather railing adds a touch of luxury to the boutique.

Simply put, shopping here will be an amazing experience from start to finish and before your partner's done with checking out the impressive architecture, you'll already be striding towards the exit with a brand new catch in your hand!

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Hermès Crystal House
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