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The coronavirus is slowly killing all members of her family

Sharon Stone's family is fighting for life. Two of its members have already died

Karolína Lišková
17.Aug 2020
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Herečka Sharon Stone

Hollywood actress Sharon Stone shares her enormous pain with the whole world on Instagram. The coronavirus is slowly robbing her of her loved ones. Neither money nor fame stand a chance against the illness. Sharon therefore appeals to American citizens, asking them to vote, because otherwise nothing will ever change in the USA.

The former sex symbol is in such a bad shape that she stopped caring about how she looks in front of her fans. We are all equal before death, so makeup and limelight fall by the wayside.

On Saturday, the 62-year-old actress published photos of her younger sister Kelly and her hospital room, where she is being treated for coronavirus, as well as her husband Bruce. Sharon encourages people to wear face masks. Although Kelly and her husband had been isolating together and the farthest trip they'd taken was the one to the pharmacy, they caught the virus anyway and are now fighting for eacg breath.

Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m
Byt s výhledem na Prahu - Karlín - 308m, Praha 8

Sharon's sister and her husband live in the state of Montana, where you can't get tested unless you are symptomatic, and then you have to wait five days for the test results. According to the actress, not even the nurses in the hospital can get tested, because there simply aren't any tests left for them.

Kelly doesn't have an immune system

Sharon's younger sister suffers from lupus, a serious autoimmune disease that affects the skin, sometimes even the heart, lungs and kidneys, due to which covid is very dangerous for her. And because Kelly's condition isn't improving, the Hollywood star is in despair. The invisible killer has already taken several of her loved ones.

"My grandmother died of covid, and my godmother died of covid. My sister and her husband are fighting for their lives. And my sister is not doing well. They couldn't give her the remdesivir until she went to the hospital, because that's the law there. And there was no one to help them when they were home alone. Because there are no nurses that can come to the house there. Because there are no tests for them. When they say there are tests for everyone, they're lying! When they say there are tests even for nurses in the hospital, they're lying! People are dying and fighting for their lives, because there is nothing here but lies,"

says Sharon in her Instagram video.

Please, vote!

Sharon Stone is so devastated, that she has become politically involved. She's begging people to go and vote for Kamala Harris. That, she believes, is the only way to change the situation. According to the actress, Americans can adequately fight for the lives of their loved ones only with a woman in power.

"We will be able to fight for people to live and for people to be tested. The only countries that are doing well with covid are the ones with women in leadership. Please vote, and please whatever you do, don't vote for a killer,"

says Sharon Stone in despair, claiming that neither the governor of Montana nor the Department of Health are answering her phone calls.

All the actress can do is use her social networks to try and persuade people to wear face masks and vote for the right candidates. All members of our editorial staff are keeping their fingers crossed for the family of the legendary actress.

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