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The unforgettable stories, luxurious fashion outfits and beautiful Sarah Jessica Parker.

Sex and the City: The Best of what Carrie Ever Put on

Dominika Žejdl
05.May 2018
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It has been long 14 years since the end episode of the successful series Sex and the City, but thanks to its constant repeats it is, thank goodness, kept fresh in our mind. Four best friends, a great plot and amazing fashion creations. Perhaps there is no woman who would not know fashionista Carrie Bradshaw, played by Sarah Jessica Parker. Let us now remind ourselves which of her outfits were among the best!

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Dominika Žejdl
fashion editor
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Ornella Koktová
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Názor PROTI PROUDU: Dominika Žejdl

Custom-made romance

The cute luxury dress by Richard Tyler with vintage shoes and Vuitton handbag, is simply unforgettable. Unfortunately this romantic outfit didn´t help her in winning the heart of her beloved.

The puffed frilly dress

The notable evening gown by Versace, which Carrie wore in beautiful Paris, where she waited for Mr Petrovsky. Acres, miles of tulle and chiffon in beautiful hue create this romantic evening gown which has turned her into an irresistible woman. 

Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ
Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ, Okolí Prahy

The famous delightful TUTU skirt

The skirt from the movie Sex and the City has become an unforgettable luxury piece and since everyone saw it on beautiful Carrie when she was clearing out her wardrobe, they all wanted to have it. Do you remember how the girls decided what Carrie was to keep and what she was to throw out?

Floral design and Carrie necklace

The iconic necklace with Carrie´s name was simply a necessity in the series. It was so personal and modern that every woman wanted to have it. The scene where Carrie stands with Big in the street wearing a vintage dress with the subtle necklace is one of our favourites. 

Print Dior dress

This moment is ingrained in our mind: Carrie works in her old apartment and Big calls her that they will go out to dinner, that he is waiting downstairs. The moment when Carrie appears on the stairs in a light sexy dress with Dior print took everyone´s breath away. 

SJP born for flowers

Yes, once again we have a luxurious romantic outfit with flowers. The actress was simply born for those. A large flower adorning a simple top, elegant pale pink trousers and an iconic Dior handbag. She so liked the bag that they hired it for the series several times over. 

Pink frills and scarf in her hair

Hermès headscarf in her hair, a pink vintage dress, high heels and the gold necklace. This outfit is hard to forget. The actress looked stunning in it. But who would really put something like that on?

Have a look at other luxury outfits and tell us which one of them you like best!

Dominika Žejdl

Názor PROTI PROUDU: Ornella Koktová

The cult series "Sex and the City" is for me something like a drug which from time to time I simply must have! 

We all know the parts almost word by word and we still don´t have enough. One of the things that still entertain me is the diverse range of outfits, which appears throughout the series. But sometimes there are some truly bizarre ones!

For example that patchy fur coat with sequin hat and some sort of pyjamas underneath. That was seen in the film from 2008. For goodness sake which woman would put that on, all the more actually on New Year´s Eve? Homeless emergency… Then there are the various frilly dresses in pink tones accessorised by the crazy headbands or socks in strappy high heels. I know that this trend was recently seen during the New York Fashion Week etc.... But tell the truth, this doesn´t suit anyone, including Carrie!

And now about the TOP outfits in general. I personally enjoyed the part of the series which took place in Paris with the Russian artist, Alexander Petrovsky the most. The last part of the series has been funded through the roof and that could be seen on the clothing, too. For example the dress with thousands of underskirts. Or the striped skirt with an even more striped top with a rose made of frills. That was the model in which Carrie arrived in Paris Oh dear...are you getting a shopping fever, wishing to rush to Champs-Élysées, too?!!!

Ornella Koktová
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