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This oriental fragrance with an orange undertone provided by essential oil from the blossom of the orange tree will highlight the beauty of each and every woman. Choose precisely that perfume which highlights your personality from a range of 8 luxury fragrances.

The sensual fragrance of the orient in Néroli Outrenoir perfumes by Guerlain

Ivana Růžičková
21.Nov 2016
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Collection of 8 luxury parfumes

Thierry Wasser and House of Guerlain

Thanks to combination of the talents of Thierry Wasser and the tradition of the legendary cosmetics house Guerlain, a sensual and luxury fragrance has been created, one which will enchant each and every woman. The new collection of perfumes by Guerlain has been created using a wide range of ingredients to help improve your mood. Thanks to these carefully chosen ingredients, the perfume personifies elegance, spontaneity and female charm.

Luxury parfumes with different ingredients
Thierry Wasser and House of Guerlain: simply perfect mix
Oriental Fragrance in beautiful flacons

Contrasts play the starring role

Each of the eight luxury fragrances in this collection is a mixture of remarkable ingredients and thanks to the contrasting combination of various elements, creates an exceptional result. The fragrances wed woody aromatic tones with the unique orange essence of neroli. Neroli is an essential oil produced from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. The scent is sweet and honeyed with green and spicy notes. The starring role in these fragrances is played by contrasting scents: for example, bergamot in contrast with tones of dark tea, myrrh and woody notes which make up an oriental fragrance called Gaiac Oud.

The bottle as jewellery

Fragrances by Guerlain also include an unexpected surprise in the form of luxury packaging: a leather box which can be used as a jewellery box, a traditional bulb atomiser like the ones used in the past, purplish amethyst in colour and satin fabric and last but not least the no-less-important engraved lettering Guerlain Paris. These are symbols which reflect the appearance of the legendary shop on the luxurious Champs-Elysées in France.

Luxusní byt 4+kk na prodej, Praha 7 – 296m
Luxusní byt 4+kk na prodej, Praha 7 – 296m, Praha 7


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