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It is decided. The Czech Republic knows its new senators.

The Senate election was dominated by Mayors. Němcová and Láska both get a Senate seat

Linda Veselá
10.Oct 2020
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Miroslava Němcová má na sobě bílý top a barevnou šálu

The Senate election ended with the stroke of 2 PM today. It included 27 districts, of which three were from Prague. This will swap out one third of the upper chamber. Who can celebrate after today and who, on the other hand, had a smile wiped off their face after the received votes had been counted?

After two days of voting, the polling stations closed at 2 PM. The counting itself then took place at a rocket pace. The first Senator's name was known barely tens of minutes later. All the districts were counted at around four o'clock. However, the tension accompanied the counting until the last second - specifically in the district of Karviná, the fight was especially close.

The Mayors and the Independents scored

The winners of this year's Senate elections were the Mayors and the Independents - they won in a total of eleven constituencies. They will thus have the strongest mandate and thus also the right to nominate the future President of the Senate. The ODS succeeded in five constituencies, KDU-ČSL in three, TOP 09 in two and Pirates won one seat.

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Předseda hnutí STAN Vít Rakušan
Předseda hnutí STAN Vít RakušanSource:

Tension until the last minute

The closest duel took place in Karviná, where the fight for the seat was waged by ANO and the ČSSD. In the end, Ondřej Feber (ANO) won it with less than 51 percent of the vote. The ČSSD thus did not retain any of their ten seats and only three senators remained. That's not enough for your own senatorial club.

Other close duels included the one in Prague 5, where Václav Láska (SEN 21) and Michael Žantovský (for TOP 09) stood against each other. In the end, Láska retained the seat, gaining about 54 percent of the vote.

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Václav Láska s Lucií Vondráčkovou
Václav Láska s Lucií VondráčkovouSource:

Němcová woke up a deputy, she'll go to sleep a senator

Deputy Miroslava Němcová (ODS) will sit in the senate seat representing Prague 1. With a gain of just under 65 percent of the vote, she masterfully defeated the current senator Václav Hampl, a candidate for KDU-ČSL, who received 36 percent of the vote from the voters. Němcová is one of the few prominent personalities of the contemporary Czech political scene who is not followed by any scandals.

"We may have difficult times ahead of us, but let's go into them without fear and with the conviction that we will overcome them."

Němcová said after the election was announced.

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Miroslava Němcová
Miroslava NěmcováSource:

Who else scored?

Roman Kraus (ODS), who went against the former ombudsman Anna Šabatová (for the Green Party), David Smoljak (STAN) and Jitka Seitlová (KDU-ČSL), for example, should also sit in the upper chamber.

Karen and Jarolím leave with their heads down

Igor Karen, a candidate for ANO in Kolín who won less than 21 percent of the vote, has to deal with a difficult loss. His opponent Pavel Kárník (STAN) won almost 80 percent of the vote. Jan Jarolím, a candidate for ANO, who received less than 25 percent of the vote in Trutnov, did not do much better either. Jan Sobotka (STAN) won the senate seat with 75 percent of the vote.

Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice
Prodej exkluzivní vily, Praha 4 - Kunratice, Praha 4

In the first round, the Mayors and ODS shone

The first round of the Senate elections took place last week. The Mayors came out victorious. Not only did they immediately defend one mandate, but their candidates advanced to the next round in ten of the 27 constituencies. The candidates nominated by ODS succeeded in ten constituencies. Representatives of ANO in nine, KDU-ČSL in seven and ČSSD in three. The candidates for KSČM, SPD and Tricolor did not advance.

Turnout in the second round was low, with around 16 percent of voters casting their ballots. In Prague, participation was a few percent higher.

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