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Secrets of the Kinsky Gardens: Where did a sub-Carpathian church in Prague come from?

Eva Ledecká
30.Oct 2017
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Beautiful view

Prague hides many beautiful places for walks. While everybody in Prague has surely visited the Petřín Hill orchards and Royal Orchard, the luxurious Kinsky Garden are still somewhat outside the interest Prague citizens. But we took a look around ourselves. 

The Kinsky Garden is in Prague’s Smíchov district, next to Petřín Hill. This is why 17 hectares of this park are considered to be a part of the Petřín Orchards. It is best to start the walk from the Petřín peaks and enjoy the stunning views on the pleasant stroll down. 

Kinsky Gardens - Kinsky summer palace
Sub-Carpathian church
Beautiful lake with waterfall and Hercule statue

The history of this luxurious park is linked to the vineyards planted here by Charles IV. The park acquired its current appearance under Prince Rudolf Kinsky, who purchased the land in 1826. The centre of the extensive garden is the luxurious Kinsky summer palace, considered to be one of the most beautiful empire-style buildings in Prague.

What can you encounter in the Kinsky Garden?

As is the case with most similar parks, there are many smaller buildings, plenty of paths, ponds, decorative statues and sculptures, gazebos and colonnades. Unfortunately, you will also find dilapidated buildings, such as the former empire-style pavilion with a stunning view of the city, of which only ruins have remained following a fire.

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Story of the sub-Carpathian church

Among the luxurious buildings that appear before you like a mirage is the sub-Carpathian church. Although it was built in the 17th Century in Velké Loučku u Mukačeva, it now stands here in Prague as an expression of gratitude to all Rusyns. It has been here since 1929, ten years after sub-Carpathian Russia was attached to Czechoslovakia. It was easy to disassemble because it was built without a single nail. This 14 metre long and 8 metre wide church was moved to Prague in 4 specially modified wagons and ceremoniously presented to Prague.

Nearby, you will walk past a pond embellished with a baroque statue of Hercules and a waterfall flowing into it. The romantic stroll ends near the Kinsky summer palace, which boast another interesting fact: its location in the garden was not chosen by accident, because it is on the same axis as the luxurious Kinsky Palace on Old Town Square.

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