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If you are looking for a place in Prague where you could draw new energy from picturesque nature, go out to the Divoká Šárka valley. The luxury locale will sooth your soul.

The Šárka Valley: A walk through Prague’s natural oasis

Eva Ledecká
04.Jul 2017
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Džbán Gorge

The Wild Šárka (Divoká Šárka) Nature Reserve is located on the slopes above the Šárka Stream, between the Džbán Gorge and Devil’s Mill (Čertův mlýn), spanning the boroughs of Liboc, Vokovice, and Dejvice.

Set out from the tram terminus at Divoká Šárka, past the McDonald's, following the narrow path down the hill, and the door to magic nature will soon open for you.

Past the water reservoir to the historical outdoor swimming pool U Veselíka

You can best pass through the valley if you set out from the tramway terminus Divoká Šárka and go past McDonald's. Welcome to Prague’s natural oasis!

The Džbán water reservoir was built in 1968. It is Prague’s second largest natural swimming facility, next only to the Hostivař Reservoir. With a depth of 7.5 meters, it spreads over 18 hectares. Presently, it is used primarily by fishermen: the famous era when Praguers flocked to it for swimming is, unfortunately, long gone.

Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Luxusní vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

The path will take you down between luxurious tall rock formations, along the Šárka Stream, all the way to the outdoor swimming pool known as U Veselíka. The pool operated between the wars, and after the revolution, the Veselík family got it back, carrying on it the tradition. You will find two pools, a wading pool, and a volleyball court there. But do not expect luxuriously hot water. The pool is fed by the Šárka Stream, which is very cold. Even in the hottest summer, water in the pools is only around 18 °C, and will therefore be appreciated primarily by hardy people!

How the luxurious valley got its name

Not far past the swimming pool is Wild Šárka’s highest point – Girl’s Jump (Dívčí skok), dominated by Šárka’s Crown (Koruna Šárky). Legend has it that it was there that the poor Šárka, mourning the death of her beloved Ctirad, ended her life by jumping from the top. The unfortunate event gave the valley its name.

Directly below the hill is a luxury settlement that was turned into the Dívčí skok restaurant in the late 19th century. If you carry on through the Šárka Valley, you will reach Vokovice and Veleslavín, and the Jenerálka Homestead, one of Prague’s oldest settlements.

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