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When a popular actress and a fashion icon join forces, something magnificent is bound to be created.

Sarah Jessica Parker is planning a limited-edition collection together with GAP Kids!

Dominika Žejdl
27.Dec 2017
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Sarah Jessica Parker

Gap Kids and Sarah Jessica Parker have decided to create a beautiful limited-edition collection which will warm your heart and make you happy. Although it is not so far at all clear which sizes will be available or how much the collection will cost, we must say that it will certainly be worth it. 

collection for kids
Sarah Jessica Parker worked with Gap before
Cute bag is included in new collection

This is not the first collaboration

Sarah Jessica Parker is not only a popular actress from the film and series Sex and the City, but also a fashion icon loved the world over. It is precisely for this reason that several luxury fashion houses have fallen in love with her, including GAP. But now they have decided to create a luxury collection for children together, because children’s clothing and accessories have been very popular in recent times. 

Everything is a big secret

However, the actress and designer of luxury footwear is keeping to herself for the time being what the collection will actually include. She has only allowed us to see a couple of photographs, where we can see some cute slippers which each and every child will fall in love with, as will their parents. They are simply so cute, amazing, soft, practical and wonderfully colourful. 

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

GAP is back

It seems that the GAP brand has decided to return to the fashion market in a big way. It may not have been so visible recently, but that is certain to change soon, if for no other reason, then thanks to collaboration with Sarah. The brand wants to stand out in the crowd with a limited-edition collection which will surprise us all and force us to buy its products. 

The clothing won’t be unveiled until the spring!

We will not learn the details and all of the things which will be available until the spring when we will see what the collection has to offer. We are impatient and really looking forward to what they will come up with this time and what the beautiful Sarah will bring to the collection. In view of the fact that she is a professional at designing beautiful footwear, maybe she will surprise us with a children’s shoe collection which each and every mother who loves the actress and luxurious things will want to buy for their children!

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