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Why wear a face mask when there's no one outside?

Sabotage of the Government Regulation on wearing face masks: It's just manipulation

Karolína Lišková
20.Mar 2020
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2 minutes
Some people refuse to wear mouth and nose protection.

The government prohibits going outside with the exception of trips to the grocery store or the pharmacy. Face masks must be worn by everyone and everywhere. It is a regulation. Scientists are sounding the alarm, because the dreaded coronavirus can stay in the air for as long as three hours. It is therefore necessary to wear a face mask. Yet there are people who refuse to follow these measures. They won't let anyone turn them into sheep!

Some mothers believe that children should be infected with the virus.

The fear of an invisible enemy, COVID-19, plagues the entire world. Everyone is trying to get their hands on a face mask or a respirator. You will hardly meet anyone on the street these days who isn't protecting their nose and mouth at least with a scarf. But certain individuals still won't stop publicly urging others not to behave like sheep and to ditch the protection.

Mrs. Anael

Like Mrs. Anael, who heals her clients on Facebook using the so-called sacred path. Her full name is Anael Milena Love, and her mission is, I quote: "Healer through light and love, Therapist, Spiritual coach of partnership and the field of work, Shaman, Medium, Writer and even Director." She helps people in searching, remembering, finding a way to their own selves and answers to their own questions, in tracing the meaning and purpose of human life... And she is able to do all this online.

Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice
Prodej rodinného domu, Praha 10 Záběhlice, Praha 10

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Paní Anael vše řeší pozitivní energií.
Paní Anael vše řeší pozitivní energií.Source: Facebook paní Anael

And this lady made an almost eight-minute video where she encourages people not to wear face masks.

"The government issued an order that all of us have to wear a face mask, which I of course refuse. Because if you're wearing one and have a negative attitude, the virus will still be inside your body, not even all the masks in the world can help,"

says Anael, adding that this virus has been artificially induced to show how anxious we all are.

"I am disappointed that people turn aggressive when someone doesn't have a face mask. It's a total nonsense to wear it in an environment where there's no one around anyway,"

says the clairvoyant.

Crazy mothers

On social networks, one can even find deluded mothers who think that the best thing would be letting their children get infected with the virus to boost their immunity.

"Today's coronavirus panic is terrible. People, it's pretty much like the flu, yes you need to be cautious, but not terrified. Much to the contrary, virologists recommend that younger people should undergo the illness because of future immunity to other diseases. Just like children, when they're developing their immunity,"

wrote Mrs. Pavlina Filipi on Facebook. Some people acknowledge her opinion, others reject it.

Violation of the law

One way or another, the government regulations are clear. Violations of these measures are basically a criminal act. In addition, people who don't respect them endanger both themselves and their surroundings. At this point the police, according to Prime Minister Andrej Babiš, doesn't inted to to bully anyone, but if people continue to violate the regulation, he intends to move on to more vigorous steps.

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Koronavirus zabíjí pacienty po celém světě.
Koronavirus zabíjí pacienty po celém světě.Source: Pixabay

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