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O plastikách, charakteru a rodině.

Rychlá zpověď - Lela Ceterová: Za tělo jsem utratila nehoráznou částku, plastických operací mám teď už ale plné zuby

Eva Borská
25.Feb 2019
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Lela Ceterová je playmate. Dost lidí si při vyslovení tohoto titulu udělá tak trochu nespravedlivý názor. A když k tomu přidáte gigantický hrudník, smyslné rty, oči jako mrkací panenka, drobný nosík, útlý pas, dokonalý zadeček a dlouhé blond vlasy, je mínění ovlivněno dvojnásob. Lela je skutečně nepřehlédnutelná a díky svým plastikám bývá často terčem debat a nemístných poznámek. V rozhovoru pro Luxury Prague Life ovšem partnerka elitního českého bojovníka MMA Karlose Vémoly prozradila něco z toho, co je pod povrchem. Pyšní se například magisterským titulem a bavit se s ní můžete o všem, co vás napadne. Třeba i o politice.

Does it bother you that people put you in the same box with other playmates? And that they judge you by your appearance, which, truth to tell, attracts attention of men as well as women?

People very much like to put one in a box but unfortunately without the person concerned to know or they knew about something more. My colleagues, who are playmates often have a normal day job or study high schools. They certainly don´t deserve the opinion that they are stupid or cheap. I, too, am of course professional and in my private life I am completely different than people would think at first glance. And yes, it is not pleasant when people only see the surface. In my case their opinion is influenced by tabloid articles which I cannot always influence. 

From erotic photos there is just a short step to pornographic ones. Would you accept such an offer?

Certainly not! 

Can you explain what does “playmate” actually mean? 

Playmate is a woman from the Playboy magazine title page, or one associated with an interview and pictorial with a fold-out calendar. 

Pronájem vily 10+3, 490m2, Praha
Pronájem vily 10+3, 490m2, Praha, Praha 5

How can such a title be utilised professionally? 

It certainly is not an invitation into the bedroom, as many understand. To me this title has opened up the way to further work in the world of modelling and advertising. As playmate you have the advantage that the level is set up higher and therefore you work for a better fee.

How would you characterise yourself? 

I would say that I am an easy-going woman, kind and friendly to everyone, regardless of age or appearance. I never judge anyone and I would never insult anyone. I have a good upbringing and I am led to help others, and I think this is the main thing. That is how my parents and people close to me see me. I am certainly not conceited as many people think. So much about my character.

Otherwise, I can say that I love sweets, that´s my sin. I also like to cook, bake and I am fascinated by the world of fashion and cosmetics. I love putting on make-up, so I did a course on it. I don´t have enough time now, but in the future, I would like to use it on a professional level. 

How do you currently make a living? 

Mainly through photo shoots and various types of advertising through social networks. 

That is why you´ve had so many plastic surgeries? 

That´s rather a consequence than the cause. I simply like it and obviously those who pay me like it, too. As a small girl I used to take my Mum´s shoes and dresses, spending the whole day in front of a mirror. It was already clear what I would become. Even then I loved to take pictures. I went to singing and piano lessons, but when I was thirteen and stood for the first time in front of a professional lens it was all decided. 

How would you make a living if you did not have the opportunity to become a model? What kind of education do you have?

I studied a high school, field of social work and medical care.

You would be an amazing nurse, everyone would like to get injections only from you. (laughter)

I enjoyed it, it was fulfilling. I don´t exclude the possibility that I will move in this direction later on in my life. But at the moment I prefer the business in the field of beauty.

Let´s go back to the changes of your body. Did you ever have a complex because of your appearance?

Yes, as early as at the elementary school. The boys in the class laughed at me that I have “smarties under the carpet”. It worried me, I cried a lot about it. Perhaps we have inherited that with my sister after our father, because my mother is naturally beautiful and has a large bust. I wanted to be like her and wear dresses in which I would not have to feel ashamed, or feel sexy in bikini.

At what age did you undergo the first plastic surgery? I assume that this was a breast augmentation…

At 19. My idol was Pamela Anderson, I wanted to look like her.

But that was not all.

I´ve had a nose job, I had a curved nasal septum and some problems breathing. In addition, I had some work done on my lips and teeth.

You´ve had several procedures of breasts and lips. Were you afraid that it will not finish up as you had imagined? 

Yes, I was afraid. I have to admit that I am not completely happy with my lips, but few can do them well.

Did any doctor here refuse to perform a procedure?

It´s common; in Slovakia as well as in the Czech Republic. Here they are not prepared for certain procedures, they don´t have much experience with anything other than breast augmentation. There is no problem abroad, so I go there.

Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m
Vila na prodej - Klánovice - 465m, Praha 9

Which operation was the most painful one?

Clearly the teeth.

Are you planning any further work?

At the moment, that would be the last thing I would want. Over the years, I´ve had enough and I would say that this is as far as it goes. Moreover I don´t quite well cope with general anaesthesia.

So what is the final size of your bust?

Everyone asks me that, but I don´t like answering it.

Why? Does it bother you that everyone is preoccupied by it?

Every day I get all sorts of messages from various people who ask me again and again the same thing. In addition to the size of my bust they ask about plastic surgery, everyone wants some advice, my experience. Sometimes it is too much.

Does a big bust bother you when you´re asleep?

No, it doesn´t; I like to sleep on the abdomen and it is possible even now, one gets used to it.

How much time a day do you devote to your appearance?

For example, make-up takes me half an hour, I´m good at it. Although it may seem like it, working on my appearance doesn´t take long. Otherwise I go to a gym but I am not a sporty type. My parents had a business so they didn´t have much time to lead me to some sports activity. And anyway, I am rather artistic, so it perhaps wouldn´t have worked anyway. What I do long after is tandem skydiving. Extreme adrenaline things attract me.

You are always perfectly groomed and dressed. Would you go out without make-up, wearing a tracksuit bottom?

In my free time I always wear sweatpants and sneakers. I love it. I even go in sweatpants to the mall (laughs). And without make up too. I simply don´t think about it and go out.

Do men have a chance with you or does your body just look deceptive? 

I was always one for long-term relationships. When I´m in love, nobody else has a chance.

Are you jealous?


Is your partner jealous? (Karlos "Terminator" Vémola, editor´s note)

He doesn´s show it, but perhaps sometimes he is.

Where and at what occasion have you actually met?

We met through Instagram. Since when we have actually been together is only known to us. There are things that we keep to ourselves, but he had to fight for a bit. It wasn´t love at first sight.

What do you value about him?

The fact that despite being a champion, he is not big-headed. And that he has drive, is relentless, caring, kind. And I would say that even a family type. 

How did you charm your partner? I would like to guess that in his case the first look played a great role.

Yes, you have guessed. For Karlos, appearance is very important. But I think that in life it is not the most important thing. There are more important values. In Slovakia, we have a saying, freely translated it means a woman should be there for better, for worse. I am like that and Karlos knows it.

Do you adapt to him a lot?

When we are together then yes. Especially when he is in Prague, he has a very tight schedule, so we try to be together as much as possible.

Did you fulfil his desire in the form of appearance? Plastic surgery, hair colour, clothes and so on?

(laughter) Two - blond hair colour and breast augmentation. Karlos makes no secret of the fact that he loves everything exaggerated, we have the same opinion about these things. He supports me.

Have you ever calculated how much did the plastic surgery cost you? 

It is a sinful sum, but I will not specify it. I should take out an insurance cover. (laughter) 

How did you get the money?

Quite a lot of young girls can nowadays save enough for a plastic surgery, you can take out a loan. At high school I made money by modelling and having had serious relationships I did not have to pay for everything myself, so I saved enough. I am not ashamed of that. I think that it should be that way, that partners help each other, that is, that a man supports his wife financially, too.

How did your parents and relatives comment the changes of your appearance? Did they try to talk you out of it?

They approved of my first operation. My Mum knew how unhappy I was so she didn´t try to talk me out of it. And of course, parents love me for what I am. But perhaps they would prefer to still see me the way I was. As all parents naturally they are afraid for their daughter.

Were there over time any medical problems due to the plastic surgeries? 

I will not lie; each operation has its own risks. I went through hell couple of times. Not that I would like to go for an operation, but I had to.

Can you see yourself in a role of a mother? Is it not on the agenda?

I am 29 and certainly my life is heading to family life. I quite feel like it.

Are you afraid of aging?

Perhaps a bit. But every period has something good about it, bringing something with it. So I accept it like that.

Fast confession:

What kind of a man has a chance with you?

Hello! Mainly ambitious, relentless, not proud and must know what he wants from life and go for it.

What would you never wear?

Perhaps I would never wear - how should I put it - pile on the stuff from head to toe. That would be too much for me.

When can we see you without make-up?

I have always made some photos, basically following the operation, right after surgery. I put them on Instagram, so that my fans could see them. But overall normally I don´t wear make up, now just a moment ago I didn´t have any make up on. So when I don´t have to I really don´t feel like it.

Which part of your body which you had improved, was the most expensive?

I think perhaps the teeth, I was there twice. Although they were beautiful the first-time round, there was some medical problem, so they all had to come out and new ones were made. So it was probably the biggest investments, because teeth are quite expensive.

What childhood complex did you have?

I had a big one. I was in the elementary school probably the only girl in the class who had ´smarties under the carpet´. All classmates wore brassieres and I was the only one who still wore a bralette. This persisted for several years and only when I was at secondary school, before I graduated, I told myself that afterwards I would have the breasts done, just for the good feeling, to feel like a woman.

What did you feel sorry about the last time?

A lot of things. Everyone makes some mistake in their life which they regret, a bad decision, but I don´t was to go on about it for now.

Tell us about some vice of yours.

I love sweet stuff.

How would you imagine an ideal day?

Somewhere on some sort of island, where I sunbathe, tasting some delicacies, drinking quality champagne, no phone and only to be there with people I like, whom I love. That is my idea of the most perfect day.

What would you never eat?

Perhaps a spider.

What was the biggest surprise your partner prepared for you?

There were more, but the biggest one was when for our anniversary he took me to an observation tower and basically we have also been accommodated there. I love lights, beautiful views and I really did not expect it.

What would you never forgive a man?

There are perhaps more things, but perhaps it depends on the situation.

How many minutes or hours do you spend daily on social networks?

It depends. Sometimes I don´t look at the phone at all and another time I post my photos or respond to business issues, so in fact it depends on whether I have time, whether something is urgent, if I have to resolve something quickly. For example, now I was dealing with sale of a calendar, so it depends. I don´t have any fixed time, so about four hours a day or so.

What part of a male body captures your attention first?

I very much like when a man has nice hands, I mean palms.

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I´ve been working as a reporter for eight years now and I enjoy it ver
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