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Russian billionaire Usmanov loves luxury gadgets. First a yacht, then a fleet.

Russian Billionaire Usmanov is the Owner of Dilbar, the Luxury Yacht, worth $12 billion

Jana Fikotová
03.Oct 2018
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Luxury yacht Dilbar

Alisher Usmanov with his $13.4 billion ranks among the 100 of the world's richest people. The 64-year old Russian is not only a 1/3 shareholder of the Arsenal football club, but he has a penchant, apart from sport, also in luxury Yachts, evidenced by the fact that he owns the fourth largest yacht, worth 12 billion crowns.

Luxury yacht Dilbar
Alisher Usmanov and Gerhard Schröder
Luxury yacht Dilbar

Billionaire at sea

In the waters of the Mediterranean Sea you can come across the sailing billionaire on his latest luxury toy, the yacht called Dilbar. As concerns its length, although with its 156 meters the yacht holds the fourth place, as regards tonnage it is probably first. The huge weight is partly due to its giant pool, which according to the manufacturer, the German shipyards Lürssen, holds 180,000 litres of water. To keep the party going, the vessel with a capacity of twenty cabins, can carry forty guests. They can get to the yacht not only from the mainland, but also by air; there are two heliports on the top deck. The guests are then taken care of by a considerable staff, totalling 80 people accommodated in further 35 cabins. 

"A luxury ship for only 11.7 billion Czech crowns."

The shipbuilder Lürssen from Bremen, which built the yacht, has behind its belt other treasures, too, such as the luxury yacht Azzam or Octopus, which is owned by Microsoft co-founder, Paul Allen, or the Rising Sun belonging to producer David Geffen. The yacht Azzam was built by the team led by chief Constructor, Mubarak Saad al Ahbabi. Its final design was also participated upon by another prestigious company, Nauta Yachts and the interior was designed by Christophe Leoni. Another point of interest is, that another division of the Lürssen shipyard produces military vessels, which include minesweepers, rocket boats and corvettes which are in actively deployed in many states.

Prodej unikátního rodinného domu - 755 m²
Prodej unikátního rodinného domu - 755 m²,

Usmanov, Russian owner of Metalloinvest and Mail.Ru (strongest internet company in Russia) has a penchant for costly gadgets. In addition to Dilbar, Alisher owns for example the transport fleet Airbus A340, which he named after his father, Bourkham.

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