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How do you get into great condition? Try running! For help, you can make use of your smart phone to which you can download the luxurious Runtastic application. What can you expect to come of it?

Run smart with application Runtastic!

Michaela Vraná
28.Jan 2018
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Run smart!

Runtastic will not run for you, of course, but it can help you to keep track of how your results are improving or tell you where you are running and therefore also encourage you when you're in action. And all this is worthwhile!

A great overview of the activities

With Runtastic, you do not have to just run, even if its name suggests it. This application will also track your other activities.

All the Details together and the Possibility of a 3D Display

Runtastic uses GPS, so thanks to that you can be up-to-date in regard to your fitness activities including running, jogging, cycling, walking or hiking. You will be able to see such details on your mobile phone display as duration, distance, terrain changes, calories burned and more.

Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m
Prodej funkcionalistické vily Praha - 360m, Praha 8

Using this premium application, you can also set a real voice trainer and with Runtastic Earth View you will see your training in 3D (a free Google Earth application is required).

Compete with yourself by using this Luxurious Tweak

In this application you will also find the possibility of using interval training and meeting the training goals. You can select the heart rate, the caloric target or the target tempo that you want to achieve. Many of you will appreciate a running service that provides a challenge, during which you will compete with yourself by comparing the results of your prior activities!

Your results from Runtastic can also be shared on social networks, so that you can boast about your luxury results to others.

See your own Photos on

Thanks to geotagging you can take photos during your training and then follow them on a map at Don’t you think that this is a luxurious option for making your running even more diverse?

With Runtastic, you can establish your workouts so as to suit your needs and you do not have to adapt to anybody else. This is definitely advantageous for many people. Are you going to go for it?!

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