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Lenka Míková succeeded in the competition of the Czech Philharmonic

Rudolfinum changes face thanks to architect Lenka Míková

Jana Fikotová
05.Apr 2019
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The entrance area of the Rudolfinum in the foyer of the luxurious Dvořák Hall will be transformed due to the design by Lenka Míková. She won with it in the CZECHDESIGN competition, which was realized for the Czech Philharmonic. Thanks to the emphasis on minimalism, the design gained admiration for the expert jury.

The aim of the project is primarily to achieve a modern representative look of the building with a unique space for exhibitions without disrupting the history of the building. The minimalist design was created by Míková in cooperation with Matyáš Cigler, Martin Surovec, Dominika Balanová and graphic designer Miroko Moroko. Their team was the victorious one out of four projects.

Minimalism and history

“The choice of materials is based on respect for the original architecture and the effort to interfere with it as little as possible. We have used primarily surfaces that already existed in the anteroom. Objects placed in the space are covered by a polished brass sheet with a mirror effect. The contents of the exhibition are carried by backlit panels with gold-tinted glass to form a monolithic unit with the brass plate. Photo attachments are printed on the glass in black and the texts on the next layer of glass are white, so as to be highlighted by the backlight. The brass sheet also covers the pedestal and the table in the lounges," said Lenka Míková about the material selection in her design.

The realization of the luxury premises will take place at the end of this year.

Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

The contest was announced as closed and one-round and ran from November 2018 to February 2019. Sketch money for all participants was 20.000 CZK. The winning studio received a contract to design the luxury interior of the Rudolfinum entrance area worth 180,000 CZK.

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