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A luxury villa in the picturesque Šárka Valley? That's a combination you won't be able to resist…

Royal living: This villa with its own driveway is a UNESCO World Heritage Site

Martina Šmalclová
10.Sep 2020
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Vila v Šáreckém údolí

Dream living in harmony with nature

Do you long to buy your own property? Ideally in Prague close to the center, but only a few steps away from nature and with a breathtaking view? Do you think you have to choose one or the other? Think again! We present you a luxury property in an attractive location of Prague 6 near the Šárka Valley, which has everything you could wish for from living space.

Bílé dveře ve vile v Šáreckém údolí
Světlá kuchyně ve vile v Šáreckém údolí

A gem on the UNESCO list

The stunning villa that stretches over a plot of 8,442 m2, has undergone a very successful and sensitive reconstruction and is one of the UNESCO protected monuments. It boasts its own driveway, a large garden (1,733 m2) and an outdoor tropical wood terrace. It is surrounded by a nature park with magnificent views of the greenery.

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Vila v Šáreckém údolí
Vila v Šáreckém údolíSource: Y&T Luxury Property

For lovers of quality and minimalism

The property with a layout of 7+2 and an area of ​​435 m2 was built with a maximum focus on the quality of materials used, the level of craftsmanship, functionality of the entire system and, above all, energy efficiency. The interior of the villa will appease lovers of luxury and minimalism. It boasts a timeless design, planned out down to the smallest details, which carries in the spirit of natural and neutral tones. The rooms are adorned with luxurious solid wooden beams that give the space a touch of uniqueness.

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Kuchyně ve vile v Šáreckém údolí
Kuchyně ve vile v Šáreckém údolíSource: Y&T Luxury Property

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Koupelna ve vile v Šáreckém údolí
Koupelna ve vile v Šáreckém údolíSource: Y&T Luxury Property

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Jeden z pokojů ve vile v Šáreckém údolí
Jeden z pokojů ve vile v Šáreckém údolíSource: Y&T Luxury Property

Location is the key!

When we think of something as important as housing, the property itself isn't the only decisive factor. Location is another key element. So let's take a closer look at the Šárka Valley!

The Šárka Valley (see the map HERE) is located in the valley of the Šárka brook between the lido Džbán and Vltava. This area also includes a tributary valley opened up to the airport, the Nebušická strouha valley and a the valley of stream flowing from Houslí u Lysolaj. On a larger scale, this magical place can be found in the territory of Liboce, Vokovice and Dejvice.

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Luxusní výhled z vily v Šáreckém údolí
Luxusní výhled z vily v Šáreckém údolíSource: Y&T Luxury Property

The airport and the city center are a few minutes away

The Šárka Valley is completely unique through its location. While surrounded by greenery, it is mere minutes away from the center of Prague or Václav Havel Airport. It also offers all civic amenities one might require, including a wide range of sporting options.

The most prestigious international school just around the corner

When looking for quality education, there's no need to travel dozens of kilometers from the Šárka Valley. The highly prestigious International School of Prague is located in nearby Nebušice. You can reach in 4 minutes by car, and in 5 minutes by bus.

Tips for trips

The Šárka Valley offers plenty of beauties. You can visit, for example, the highest peak of Divoká Šárka Dívčí skok, the dominant feature of which is Šárka's Crown. According to legend, this is where Šárka was supposed to end her life by jumping off a hill after the death of her beloved Ctirad.

A walk in the deep valley of Divoká Šárka along the stream flowing from the Džbán reservoir can be a balm for the soul. Here, you will get to enjoy a view of tall rock formations covered by young maple forests.

Those who love summer and relaxation are sure to enjoy the natural swimming pool near Veselík. It will appear in front of you after walking out of the rocks. Surprisingly, even though it's located only a few hundred meters from one of the busiest streets in Prague (Evropská třída), you'll find here perfect peace and harmony.

Another great place to visit is the settlement of Jenerálka, which is one of the oldest settlements in Prague. In its centre stands the Jenerálka chateau, which is protected as a cultural monument of the Czech Republic.

We won't lie to you, there's always something to do in the Šárka Valley!

Are you interested in this property? Contact the real estate agency Y&T Luxury Property Prague Czech Republic s.r.o. at the following number: +420 224 282 506. You will receive a specific offer.

Luxusní vila na prodej v Šáreckém údolí
Luxusní vila na prodej v Šáreckém údolí, Praha 6

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