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Many cafés, restaurants or small shops are furnished in the style of Shabby Chic. They create a homely atmosphere of the countryside. You can see this style also in many luxurious households.

Romantic Shabby Chic interiors

Eva Ledecká
03.Aug 2017
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Kitchen in the style of Shabby Chic

The romantic Shabby Chic style was introduced to our interiors by the designer Rachel Ashwell. Characteristic elements include references to the past and rural environments. However, you will also find Mediterranean cultural references, such as Italy, Greece or south France. 

Furniture with a story

This style is inspired by the rustic style and became popular in the US in the 90s. It focuses on the whole, which is made up by individual pieces of furniture and each has its own story to tell.

Luxurious Shabby Chic only includes mild pastel colors: ranging from white, through beige and grey, to light pink, yellow, purple, turquoise and light blue. All such interiors share the style of decorations with floral or sea motifs and flowers and as such are an integral part of this style.

Luxusní byt s terasou na Praze 1 - 232m
Luxusní byt s terasou na Praze 1 - 232m, Praha 1

Wallpaper and floral decorations take the lead

A Shabby Chic living room usually has wallpapers, bathrooms include a floral floor and ceramic tiles.

Shabby Chic is characterized by an old and yet neat look, and luxurious premises should always only feature new or skillfully renovated valuable pieces. Everything must go together, sofas are full of luxurious pillows and the whole space gives the impression that every single place is filled. You think it’s too much? It doesn’t have to be. Shabby Chic can simply and tastefully combine the old with the new in order to create a cozy and luxurious space for you to live.

Those who prefer simplicity and modern style won’t probably go for Shabby Chic. What about you, can you imagine living in a Shabby Chic home?


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