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Who would not want to listen to the gentle lapping of waves and allow their pleasant rhythmic rippling to help them relax? This is not merely something to enjoy for a few days on holiday – it could become your daily reality. In this case however, you will have to consider living life on the river – i.e. in a houseboat.

Romantic luxury housing – houseboats

Mgr. Jana Höger
18.Jan 2017
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The first and foremost advantage of this type of alternative housing is exclusivity. Compared to “landlubbers” whose housing is fixed in one place, houseboats allow the people living there to move whenever they want. Being the owner of this type of floating building means being endowed with an adventurous nature, a little bravery and a desire to get in touch with nature. 

Houseboat on Vltava river
The interior of houseboat in Amsterdam
Fennell Rezidence - Portland, Oregon

Houseboats as a luxurious alternative style of living

Houseboats tend rather to be known as a seasonal, recreational affair which has to be put into “hibernation” when the winter arrives. But you can be certain that the 21st century has come up with an innovative solution for this problem.

Designs for houseboats which can be lived in all year round are breath-taking. Heat energy is for example gained from a solid fuel generator and water is heated in the same way, and it is common knowledge that you can pay for connection to the electricity mains at every mooring point and you can embellish the interior with a fireplace or stove. It could all of a sudden happen that your living room for example will become your luxury oasis looking out over your terrace which transitions fluently into the surface of the water. The boat must also have a certificate from the State Navigation Administration.

Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou
Prodej luxusního bytu 2+kk, 98 m2 s terasou, Praha 4

New technology

The whole house can be kitted out with temperature monitoring technologies. There are sensors in the water which start to heat it in the event of low temperatures to prevent it freezing. You can nowadays control a true luxury household with the aid of a mobile device and this is doubly true here. You can thus set the lighting, blinds, heat or for example the audio systems via a mobile telephone or tablet, all of this even if you are several kilometres away from the actual houseboat.

A little history

This method of housing emerged through conversion of coal barges, when rail transportation started to bravely compete with river transportation and then beat it once and for all in the end. At that time, these houseboats were moored in docks around Britain and mostly alone along the banks of the rivers. The ideal solution was their conversion into houseboats. A small colony of floating cottages was created in the Czech Republic in the period before November 1989 but over time, love for this unique and unconventional method of housing has experienced a constant increase.

In Czech terms, this means that you can for example luxuriously “park” your houseboat in the Prague districts of Smíchov or Podolí, and thus right in the city centre. 

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