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He exchanged the Decathlon for golf and television

Roman Šebrle celebrates his 45th birthday! We won't get tired of looking at this body even in a another twenty years!

26.Nov 2019
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The machine of muscles and steel that had excelled at the Olympics and later "parked" behind the moderator's desk on Prima TV celebrates his 45th birthday. Roman Šebrle enjoys a fairy-tale-like life alongside his beloved family, and hasn't given up on sports even today, when he's no longer in his top form. He took up golf and secretly dreams of another Olympics.

Roman Šebrle is a strange phenomenon of a man who was able to switch sport for a completely different profession - TV presentation. Although he was being mocked a lot in his beginnings, because he was rather stiff as a host and kept making bloopers, the audience got used to him. Now it's been more than five years since he began co-hosting the news with model Gabriela Lašková, formerly Kratochvílová.

The life of this brilliant athlete looks like a fairy tale. In 2004, when he was at his peak, he won a gold medal at the Athens Olympics. Several other gold triumphs followed - the World Championship or the European Athletics Championship, to name just a few. For years he was an almost unbeatable "tank" and he was also the first decathlete in history to break the mythical 9,000 points. His own record, 9026 points, remained unbeaten for 11 years!

Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

An almost 20-year marriage

And he's lucky not only at sport, but also at love. He has spent almost his entire life with one woman. He married his wife Eva in 2000, which means they will celebrate a porcelain wedding next year. They have two children - an older son Štěpán and a younger daughter Kateřina.

But their relationship wasn't free of problems. Last summer, for instance, there was an unfortunate moment when Roman Šebrle was caught by tabloid photographers, while passionately making out with an assistant from Prima TV at a party. They were kissing, after which he called a taxi and took her to an unknown destination. Later, Roman apologized, and his wife Eva seems to have forgiven him. Hopefully they can look forward to spending another 20 years together in harmony!

What is it like to be a lady-killer and who has the main word in the Šebrle household? Roman answered our questions in a big interview.

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