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Artificial intelligence develops at a skyrocketing pace. Thanks to the systems and automatic learning the new robot dog Aibo can identify various members of the household. He is able to develop a specific relationship with each master. Not to have such a luxury robotic pet would be a shame.

Best friend of human being: Can it be robotic dog AIBO?

Mgr. Jana Höger
15.Feb 2018
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Sony pes Aibo

 “Robopuppy” Aibo has already had its predecessor

The first generation of the robot dog Aibo was introduced by Sony nineteen years ago. At that time it was a complete technological miracle. The luxurious robotic "toy" in the form of a small dog with a number of sensors and engines that interacts with their surroundings, initially seemed to be science fiction.

But this year in Las Vegas at CES, SONY unveiled a new, improved version of Aibo, including a new cover. It really looks very cute. Thanks to the tiny propulsion units it can move freely in twenty-two axes and thanks to OLED eyes also express emotions. The movements and reactions are fast and amazingly lifelike, including movements of the ears and changes in the expression of the eyes.  

What can such a luxurious "robopuppy” do?

It can receive a great scope of incentives, perhaps only outside the olfactory senses like a real dog. He has visual perception using cameras while listening through the microphones, responds by motion sensors, is also able to judge the distance and using haptic sensors in different parts of the body can feel for example patting on the head or under the chin. The robopuppy excels in artificial intelligence shared by all such doggies over the internet. What one learns is suddenly shared by all, so if you have such a luxury little robot at home, you will be constantly surprised by the new elements of his behaviour.

Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ
Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ, Okolí Prahy

What is really astonishing?

The dog, Aibo, recognises the individual members of the household. But what is amazing, he remembers interaction with them.

Aibo behaves like a dog. He actually is a dog! He growls, barks and wags the tail. He starts off like a clumsy puppy and gradually matures. One battery charge lasts two hours of intense playing of games, is connected via wi-fi to internet networks, you can manage him also using a smartphone.

The luxury robopuppy will begin to be sold in Japan at a price of approximately 38 thousand crowns. Aibone, electronic bone for ´fetching´ is not cheap matter either, it costs around 350 crowns. 

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