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Do you think horse-riding is the right hobby for you, but you have no idea where to begin? Riding schools provide basic riding tuition. Even the Czech Republic boasts deluxe riding schools with many years of tradition. Do you intend to become the next Váňa? Here are some tips.

Riding schools in the Czech Republic: Become another Váňa!

Mgr. Jana Höger
27.Mar 2018
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Horse riding

Radonice Riding School – the resonation between horse and man is important

Radonice Riding School is one of the few deluxe riding schools that offers the public in Prague comprehensive classic horse riding classes. The goal is to teach basic skills and experience, so that riding a horse is entertaining, relaxing, a sports activity and self-fulfilling. How does the riding school rate the wonderful experience of riding a horse? It considers horse riding an expression of the culture of the relationship between man and animal, respect towards the horse as an intelligent creature. `The riding school offers courses for complete beginners and professionals, as well as the option of a simple ride around the riding park with an instructor.

Horse Mane Riding Club – caring for horses will always be worth it

The deluxe Horse Mane Riding Club is part of the Trojanův dvůr Riding School. It associates graduates of the school, who take part in competitions and assure the school’s activities within the terms of the Czech Riding Federation. It owns ten beautiful horses and four ponies. All their horses are well-trained and regularly take part in dressage and jumping competition. The riding club is open to any age group. For example children learn about the nature around the farm, how to take care of animals, what to feed them and what not to do in their presence, in the riding club.

Secondary School of Horse Racing and Riding – deluxe quality tested over time

The Secondary School of Horse Racing and Riding has been located right next to the Velká Chuhcle racing track for over 60 years and so we would like to give you some information about its history and present.

The Velká Chuchle Vocational Riding School was established in 1946 specifically, on the basis of an impulse from the Czechoslovak Jockey Club, and this school later became the Vocational Agricultural School. In the Czech environment it is considered a school with a complex educational programme for preparation of deluxe jockeys and managers in the field of breeding and training race and sports horses. Throughout its existence it has trained over a thousand graduates, of which a number have become famous jockeys and trainers.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5
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