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This flying luxury machine which looks like a car may seem like an image of the future. But the year is 2017 and the sale of flying cars by the Slovak AeroMobil brand is about to happen.

Revolution in Transport: AeroMobil Presents the Flying Car!

Eva Ledecká
06.May 2017
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Luxury flying car

At the end of April, AeroMobil presented a new model of flying car at the Top Marques Monaco automobile exposition, which is considered the most exclusive of its kind. A revolution in transport is on the threshold! 

Luxury combination of automobile and aeroplane

The automobile can transform into flight mode in just 3 minutes and its range is 750 km. The tank holds 90 litres of petrol and the propeller rotates at 2,400 rpm. In vehicle mode, the highest attainable speed is 160 km/h.

The luxury flying automobile is 6 metres long and 2.2 metres wide. Its wingspan is 8.8 metres. The futuristic looking machine, which will probably overtake conventional automobiles in a few decades, is also equipped with a parachute and can also be purchased with autopilot.

The luxurious interior of the flying car features innovative functions and cutting-edge control systems. The machines will most likely be put into operation in 2020 and the company would like to start accepting the first orders this year. 

Loft na prodej Bubeneč 209m
Loft na prodej Bubeneč 209m, Praha 6

We are witnessing a genuine revolution!

The fact that this is a huge step forward and that the end of the second decade of the 21st Century will likely go down in the history of the automotive and aviation industry alike is supported by the fact that AeroMobil isn’t the only company in the world engaged in developing luxury flying cars.

The Dutch company PAL-V has also developed a flying car. It is somewhat smaller and its price will also be lower. While the flying car from AeroMobil will cost buyers around 27 million korunas, the Dutch car will only cost between 8 and 13 million CZK. In addition to funds, the full enjoyment of this hybrid machine will require a valid driver’s license and pilot license.


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