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Natural materials are really trendy lately, not just in fashion, art and architecture. They highlight the unique design of products, while being comfortable, practical, luxurious and often environmentally friendly.

Return to nature – Czech wooden glasses celebrate success

Mgr. Jana Höger
09.Sep 2016
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Glasses are becoming a modern affair nowadays, serving as a fashion accessory to complete one’s image. Increasingly more people strive and tend to create a unique look. With sunglasses, you can easily express your attitude, be different and look elegant at the same time. This can be done with an interesting shape, unusual colour or original material. 

Man-made materials prohibited

Czech designers and creators of wooden glasses use only natural materials, including recycled ones. Toxic and similar undesirable materials are prohibited from entering their workshops. Indeed, it sounds almost unbelievable, but the materials used in production grew for more than one human generation. The entire concept is based on development and customised design combined with the futuristic idea of transforming the world towards the singular demands of the individual.

Wooden sunglasses and corrective spectacles of superior quality and luxurious design are offered by the Czech brand ZEW. It features precise workmanship and emphasis on every detail. The Czech brand ZEW has also been nominated for the Czech Grand Design award and presented at Designblok.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 1
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 1, Praha 1

Glasses with a story

RANDOM, this is the name of a brand created by the hands of Stanislav Kyška, who specialises in manufacturing wooden glasses and bowties with a story. Mr Kyška’s idea was born when he first encountered wooden sunglasses and from a fascination with wood as such. At the beginning, the labour of a single individual resulted in the transformation of oak wood, glass lenses and hinges from old spectacles into a pair of glasses called RANDOM. Now, RANDOM is a brand created by many people, each of whom puts a piece of themselves into their product.

Ladies’ and men’s BRUMLEY sunglasses are made of carbon fibres or laser engraving using modern technologies. In addition to standard collections, the company also offered specially designed collections for discerning customers, such as the Classic edition or Dawn series inspired by retro style.

The latest newcomer to the market is the KOORA brand, which offers the engraving of your own customised design on all of its products and stylish retro packaging. It uses hand-made glasses manufactured of luxurious ebony wood. Its technology consists of fitting the frames with quality polarised lenses to effectively protect your vision. The flexi temples can bend up to 25° outwards, which allows for comfortable wearing. Moreover, the glasses were a surprisingly low 27 grams.

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