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Masaryk railway station, also known as ‘Masaryčka’ is awaiting its luxury revitalisation.

Renowned architect Zaha Hadid leading changes at the Prague ‘Masaryčka’

Mgr. Jana Höger
30.Jan 2019
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Among famous works of the Iraqi architect Zaha Hadid (1950-2016) are for example, the culture centre in Baku Azerbaijan, the MAXXI museum of 21st Century art in Rome, the cable railway Hungerburgbahn or the Chinese opera in Kanton. Prague will be among the cities, which will have the pleasure to bear her legacy.

The future luxurious appearance of ‘Masaryčka’

Masaryk station is one of the key locations in Prague. It is assumed, that the it should retain its importance as a main transfer station and connection to the Václav Havel airport. The project, called Central Business District, will offer up to 100 000 m² new office spaces, shops, restaurants or cafés.

It is expected, that there will be spaces available for leisure, where you’ll be able to spend free time, take walks, sit or just enjoy. The space will be dominated by a luxury building with a tower in the shape of an enormous train wheel with golden elements, and it should stand at the location in direction of Havlíčkova street. The modern architectural structure will help to put the city on the map.

Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2
Prodej luxusního domu, Praha - západ - 414 m2, Okolí Prahy

New squares and streets will be built

It isn’t just the train station, that will undergo a change in its appearance. A new square will be built by the station, and another one at Florenc. There will also be a new street leading to the railway museum, and a connection made between the streets Na Florenci, Hybernská, and Opletalova. The project will be constructed in a number of stages with the planned date of finalization in the years between 2022-2025.

It all started in the year 2002, when České dráhy (Czech Railways) launched a competition for new land use.

The year 2014 brought a winning solution originating from the studio of Zaha Hadid Architects. In 2018, fieldwork of rescue archeological research took place, during which over 240,000 findings were uncovered.

Marek Dospiva, the head and co-owner of the investment group Penta investments, took a leading role of the complicated project. The new parts of the city will be created under the auspices of the architects Jakub Klaška from Zaha Hadid Architects and Jakub Cigler from Cigler Architekti,.

It is estimated, that the whole project will cost around 10 billion Kč.

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