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Escape winter and enjoy heat, shopping, adventure and celebrities

Remote islands and European "low cost"! We have 5 places where you can escape from winter

04.Feb 2020
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Dominikánská republika láká na exotiku a teplé moře.

It looks rather poor with winter this year. In many places in the Czech Republic there was literally no snow and in recent days it even began to get warmer. But spring is far from being over and many people lack bathing. That is why we have decided to introduce you five places where it pays off to go to rest or for an adventure in February.

Canary Islands or Madeira

This is a European classic that won't cost you a lot of money. Moreover, both are part of the EU, so you do no have to worry about paperwork. It is safe there, health care has European standards and you can arrive there by plane in five hours. The only drawback is that January and February are not ideal for bathing, the sea temperature is the lowest in these months, and most of the time the temperature doesn't "vault" over 17 or 18 degrees.

Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město
Prodej luxusního bytu, Praha 1 - Nové Město, Praha 1

Madeira is nicknamed as "the island of eternal spring" and you will find here many fascinating natural phenomena combined with calm and pleasant weather that can be compared roughly to May in Czech Republic. The same applies to the Canary Islands, where you can choose from several options - if you want a more tourist island, go for Tenerife or the island of Gran Canaria, if you prefer trips to beautiful natural parks and peace, then Lanzarote island will be ideal for you.

Temperatures in February: climate 21 °C, sea 16-18 °C

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Na Madeiře je celý rok krásně a má úžasnou přírodu
Na Madeiře je celý rok krásně a má úžasnou příroduSource: Pixabay


Those of you who are looking for luxury, warmth and a great place to shop should go to Dubai immediately. Thanks to the direct flights from Prague, you are there in about six hours and you can immediately “sprawl” by the pool, on the beach or enjoy local megalomaniacal buildings. The winter months are ideal for a visit to Dubai because temperatures do not reach the usual summer temperatures above 40°C. This artificially created island, where you can speak English without any problems, has beautiful white beaches, palm islands and the world's tallest skyscraper, Burj Khalifa, which is over 800 meters tall.

Temperatures in February: climate 24-25 °C, sea 21-22 °C

Dubaj je skvělé místo na odpočinek i nákupySource: Pixabay

Dominican republic

The transcendent pearl of the Caribbean is known for its clear turquoise sea and white sand, or even excellent rum for a few crowns. In winter, many Europeans come here looking for peace, exoticism and adventure. The sea temperature is 26 degrees all year round, making it possible to buy and snorkel when you have the chance to see (or expect to stroke) rays. The island is ideal for all the film fans, because several well-known films were shot here, such as the Pirates of the Caribbean.

Temperatures in February: climate 25-28 °C, sea 26 °C

Biltmore Hotel v MiamiSource:


Do you want to experience a typical “fairytale” life in Miami? There is nothing easier to do! This is the ideal place to survive the local winter, after all, many Czechs rent apartments here for several weeks or months. Here you can enjoy beautiful beaches, wonderful and friendly people, and no doubt you will meet also many celebrities here. If you are not attracted by exoticism or adventure, Florida is an ideal compromise.

Temperatures in February: climate 23-26 °C, sea 22-24 °C

Biltmore Hotel v MiamiSource:

Srí Lanka

An interesting Indian destination is ideal especially for adventurers who do not want to lie on the beach all day. You can go on trips to the nature, for example to the beautiful natural forests or to beautiful waterfalls, or you can visit a number of Hindu and Buddhist monuments and temples.. Srí Lanka is also a place of perfect gastronomy or water sport experience. Do you want to try swimming with turtles or dolphins? This is the perfect place.

Temperatures in February: climate 27 °C, sea 27 °C

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Srí Lanka je ideální pro dobrodruhy
Srí Lanka je ideální pro dobrodruhySource: Pixabay

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