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Unforgettable experiences packed with adrenaline

This is reality, not a sci-fi movie! Brad Pitt and Justin Bieber are going to fly into space! These 5 vacations are only for the rich!

03.Sep 2019
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If you have a few million to spare, you can indulge in the type adrenaline experiences that will make for a story you'll be telling your friends and colleagues over and over for decades. We bring you a selection of adventures that are definitely not for everyone.

Trip to the South Pole

Would you like to experience 24-hour sunshine? If so, you should head to the Arctic Station at the South Pole. It is a challenging adventure that you're guaranteed to remember for the rest of your life. Be prepared not only for the extreme conditions of this inhospitable landscape, but also for a skyhigh price - the “sightseeing” tours from the Czech Republic start at 1.3 million crowns.

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Výprava na Jižní pól
Výprava na Jižní pólSource: Pixabay

Skydiving on Mount Everest

Do you dream of jumping with a parachute from the highest point of our planet? In this day an age, even a wish like this can come true, all you have to do is book a tandem jump for about 35 thousand dollars (813 thousand crowns). Count in additional travel and accommodation expenses and you can be sure the final price will exceed a million - by much.

Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ
Funkcionalistická vila na prodej, Praha-západ, Okolí Prahy

Arctic skiing on Norwegian fjords

It is one of the most beautiful places for skiing ever. There are countless possibilities, you can ski on the slopes, cross the beautiful hills or make hiking in the mountains. It is up to you how luxurious places you visit. For example, a five-day dream trip with extreme skiing for four people to the Lofoten archipelago will cost approximately 1.4 million crowns.

Norské fjordy jsou nádherné.Source: Pixabay

View from space

By 2040, commercial space travel should become quite common, but right now it's still an experience reserved for a select few. Private sightseeing flights are planned by several companies and the first tourists might set off this year. In June of this year, NASA even announced that those interested will be able to spend a night at the International Space Station starting next year. A night should cost $ 35,000 (CZK 800,000) and the entire trip organized by the SpaceX company ammounts to $ 52 million (CZK 1.2 billion) per person. Short flights to the orbit and back are planned for example by Virgin Galactic; the tickets are being sold for $ 250,000 and celebrities such as Justin Bieber or Brad Pitt have already booked a seat.

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Pohled z Mezinárodní vesmírné stanice
Pohled z Mezinárodní vesmírné staniceSource: Pixabay

Crossing the Himalayas

Are you in the mood for an extremely challenging trek across the Himalayas in Nepal? What awaits you are 1700 kilometers, 152 days on the road and countless spectacular views. The prices of these expeditions, organized for example by American agencies, start at CZK 580,000. If you want to go as a couple, you will easily spend over a million.

Trek přes Himaláj je pro ty nejzdatnější.Source: Pixabay
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