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The creators of the comic Super-Agents, which in a fun form comments on the dangers of dealing in the real estate market, have, after their successful series, prepared their continuation.

The Real Estate Super Agents Comic Continues and a Book is to be Published, Too

Barbora Sirová
09.Mar 2018
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Realitní tango

The new parts will be released again twice a month, the first of which came out on 7. March. On the web pages Supermakléř the comic has already attracted attention of more than 140 thousand readers. The artistic form was participated upon by Michal Suchánek who was awarded by the title of the best draughtsman of the year 2015.

Realitní tango 1/4
Realitní tango 2/4
Realitní tango 3/4
Realitní tango 4/4

Just as the most famous American comic super heroes, the eponymous heroines of Super Agents comic have extraordinary abilities, which they use in their fight of good against evil. Their mission is to defend the world against malicious real estate agents, against whom they put up a fight, and defend unsuspecting people who are interested to buy a property.

The comic Super Agents was created in 2017, when in the Czech Republic climaxed the long-term rage against absence of any real estate law. It should regulate activities of real estate agents and protect consumers from rogue real estate traders (and traders before consumers). However, to this day the bill has not been passed and concerns of unprofessional conduct in the field of Czech real estate thus persist.

Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ
Prodej exkluzivního domu, Praha-východ, Okolí Prahy

Many parts of Super Brokers are based on real events. The experiences are provided not only by the creators, but also by readers of the comics. The new part of the series, which was published on 7. March, is called Real Estate Tango. The short story takes place at a party of a real estate congress and the plot shows how estate agencies treat their competitors. Also, that offers of cooperation often turn out to be just a false game of the other party with an effort to scoop off all the cream.  

"These are actually sad stories, but presented with a certain amount of perspective, that goes perfectly with the entire type of format," Michal Suchánek, one of the artistic authors, commented the cartoon motif. We have recently written about the potential of this talented Czech cartoonists, you can read more about him in this article.

The real estate comics Super Agents is published exclusively on web pages Supermakléř The first series ran until December last year and consisted of 21 parts. Currently its publishing as a book is in the pipeline.

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