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It’s the end of October and what does that mean? Why of course, Luxury Prague Life is brining you a list of premieres of luxury films to look forward to in November.

Rainy November at the cinema: What premieres are in store?

Michaela Vraná
24.Oct 2017
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Zahradnictví: Nápadník

Which films should you see in cinemas to in the month before Christmas? Take a look at our luxurious list.

Zahradnictví: Nápadník

Premiere: 16 November

Plot: This is the last part of the Zahradnictví trilogy by director Jan Hřebejk. What is the story this time? Nápadník takes place at the end of the Fifties and tells the tale of family relations impacted by the war and communist turnover. If you’ve seen the first two parts, then don’t miss the conclusion of the trilogy! It is worth seeing even if you missed the first and second parts.

Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8
Prodej luxusního bytu s terasou, Praha 8, Praha 8

Happy Death Day

Premiere: 9 November

Plot: We believe everybody who likes horrors will enjoy this film. We’ve seen the trailer and it looks like this film will be a truly deluxe shocker. The film was directed by Christopher B. Landon and the story is that the main character wakes up on her birthday and lives through the day. The problem is that somebody brutally murders her at the end of the day. And then she wakes up again on the same day and lives through it all again. Over and over. Why? She has to find her killer, who appears in a terrifying doll mask… Will she find him? Find out on the silver screen.

Death Wish

Premiere: 23 November

Plot: This film was made by Eli Roth. It is an action drama and remake of the luxurious eponymous classic of 1974 with Charles Bronson, then directed by Michael Winner. You certainly won’t get bored watching this movie. Do you know who stars this time? Bruce Willis! And he plays a luxurious murderous maniac… But he has his reasons. Find out what they are at the cinema!

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