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Fast confession - Dana Morávková about love: Make sure to choose well and listen to your heart

Michaela Vraná
04.Oct 2017
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5 minutes

Actress Dana Morávková plays not only in the theatre, but also does dubbing, hosting, choreography and in the past years also began designing luxurious purses. She has just recently introduced a new collection, and Luxury Prague Life was of course there when it happened.

I discussed her luxurious purses, fashion, travel, as well as her marriage and son (who is graduating from high school in a few months) with Dana Morávková, a symbol of femininity and elegance for many. The beautiful actress, who has been the star of the Czech TV Nova show “Ordinace v Růžové zahradě” also told us for instance who she’ll vote for in the upcoming presidential elections.

Dana Morávková
Dana Morávková
Dana Morávková

You designed another collection of purses.


How does it differ from the previous ones?

It was my dream to also design purses for evenings, so now we also have those. Elega is working with Preciosa for the first time, and you can take these purses to the theatre, a concert, a movie premiere, an exhibit, the opera, basically anywhere you like. In fact, if a younger woman chooses the bigger, blue one, then she could also take it to a dance party.

What do you like the most about designing?

The freedom.

And what do you personally carry in your purse?

Depending on what I need. Sometimes I have the script for a theatre play, sometimes the script for the “Ordinace v Růžové zahradě“ TV show, and when I go out then I only have a few small essentials. Depending on where I go.

Why did you decide to design purses in particular? Why not shoes or jewelry or anything else?

I love purses, and when I was making an interview with Marcela Škábová for the Prásk! Show she asked me about it. Vita Valentová from Elega saw the whole thing and decided to contact me; she asked me whether I’d like to try designing my first purse, and now we’ve been working together for many years.

Do you watch what’s happening in the world of purses? What designers from various parts of the world create …

I do my best, of course. We even visited Japan with my husband. I really wanted to take home a purse made by a Japanese designer, but it was very strange, since the Japanese love European fashion and so European purses are very dominant there. That surprised me. I thought I’d buy something interesting by a Japanese designer, but they wear the same stuff we Europeans do.

Did you bring home anything from Japan?

I did, shoes, but later I found out they have a small sign saying “Made In China”.

Byty Janáčkovo nábřeží 211m
Byty Janáčkovo nábřeží 211m, Praha 5

Which designer’s purses do you like the most, in terms of globally renowned designers?

That’s hard to say, really hard. Chloe has beautiful purses, so does madam Chanel, these are simply exquisite. I think that each designer offers something unique.

How do you pamper yourself?

When I have some time, I like going to beauty salons, hair stylists, manicure and pedicure… but it’s all very irregular. I do, however, regularly feel bad that I only do these things irregularly.

How do you pamper your husband?

I’m good to him (laughter).

What do you spend the most on?

Not on purses anymore. Probably traveling, that’s the most expensive thing I do, I think.

What’s the most exotic country you’ve been to?


Byty Janáčkovo nábřeží 211m
Byty Janáčkovo nábřeží 211m, Praha 5

How did you like it there?

A lot. I’d like to go back there sometime, but at least for fourteen days in a row. Last time we were also there for two weeks, but now I simply can’t afford to go away for fourteen days.

What does money mean to you?


Trends change very frequently. Are there any current trends that you don’t understand at all? Something that is completely foreign for you, and you don’t understand why people wear it.

It’s about who wears it and how. For instance, I wouldn’t wear socks in my high heels, but when I see a young, pretty, thin girl who does that, then why not. Or, I don’t really like leggings, but some people wear them and they look good on them. So let everyone wear what they like, what makes them feel good.

What would you never wear?

Probably socks in high heels.

On the other hand, which clothes make you feel best?

I like black a lot, a pencil dress, thin cigarette pants, and I have so many turtleneck…

That’s something I hate, they make me feel uncomfortable around my neck.

Turtlenecks? For me it’s a very good feeling to have my neck hidden. (laughter)

Do you go on dates with your husband?

I guess I wouldn’t call it a date when we’ve been together for over twenty years, but we do go to the movies, theatres and restaurants fairly frequently – and sometimes we got for short trips, two or three days. But I wouldn’t call these “dates”.

So you guys don’t have a fixed schedule, like for instance going for a dinner every Wednesday.

We can’t, since we never know whether Petr will have a concert or I’ll have a show on Wednesday. So we can’t do this sort of thing on such a regular schedule.

What do you prefer – acting in the theatre or in TV shows?

Everything is fine.

You don’t care?

That’s right.

Do you really have no preferences at all?

I like the theatre, shooting TV shows, as well as dubbing. That’s one of the things I value about being an actress, the breadth of activities.

You’re a former figure skater.

That was a long time ago.

Do you still do figure skating?

Very little. If I have screenplay to do, then I do go figure skating. But there was also this project, not sure whether you know about it, it was called Cinderella on Ice (Popelka na Ledě). There I played the queen, I had a small part to play there. When the prince is on the ball, before Cinderella arrives, the prince asks his mom (that was me) to a dance and then we do a small skating round. My most important task was not to fall down.

Can you still do figure skating jumps?

Simple ones yes, but I can’t do an axel anymore, neither can I do double jumps… you forget stuff like this fairly quickly. I used to mostly do figure skating in pairs (i.e., ice dancing).

Did you teach your son?

He can skate, my husband can also skate, but neither of them can figure skate (laughter).

What are your son’s hobbies?

Péťa studies and today young people are at school from morning to the evening, to be honest. But I think he likes the theatre, music, likes to go to the movies. But today the expectations placed on young people are different than when we were young. How old are you?

Twenty seven.

Well, today the schools simply expect different things from young people than when we were young.

Do you think so?

I think it’s becoming harder and harder.

What will your son be when he graduates? What job would he like to do?

I hope he’ll be a good person. He’s graduating from high school this year. We’ll see where he ends up. I’ll be wishing him luck and cheering him up from the back.

Does he have a girlfriend?


What sort of mother-in-law are you, or do you expect to be?

I think a normal one, I hope.

You won’t have extremely high expectations?

I usually only have those when judging myself. As far as I’m concerned, the main thing is that he has a girlfriend that he’s happy to be with. And I hope they are, it’s his first love and they’ve been together for a year and a half.

That’s quite long considering how young they are!

It’s a girl from his school and they’re happy.

You’ve been with your husband for twenty one years


You look happy together, a harmonic couple. Do you have a recipe for a happy marriage, something to make sure that it keeps working even after so many years?

I think that there’s no single recipe – if there were and someone found it, that’s a Nobel Prize right there. Make the right choice and listen to your heart.

Fast confession:

What does luxury mean for you?

Have free time and spend it with my husband and son.

If you were to move abroad, where would you go?

That’s a hard question, but probably someplace with a good theatre and where nice movies are made.

What sort of role would you reject?

Probably a role that’s really awkward, stupid… even though, you know, every role can be played well.

How many purses do you have at home?

I stopped counting.

What’s the most adrenaline-pumping feeling you get?

It’s always that moment before the premiere.

Who will you be voting for in the presidential elections?

I have two candidates, I’m not completely decided yet but for now I’m leaning towards prof. Drahoš.

Where did your husband take you for your first date?

We met at the theatre, so I guess it was the theatre club.

What was the last thing that really moved you, made you cry?

I was really moved and sad when Mr. Tříska and Mrs. Květa Fialová left us… but that’s a sad thing.

Do you feel like a woman vamp?


What’s the most flattering thing a man can do for you?

I guess every woman is happy to hear a man say that they look good.

What do you think real romance should look like?

I have romance at home, after all I have a romantic piano at home.

Do you prefer playing “bitches” or good girls in TV shows?

I like all of my roles.

Plastic surgery – yes or no?

I don’t have anything yet and am not considering it for now, but who knows, maybe in the future…

What would you spend your last thousand crowns on?

A purse.
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