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About MMA, Pregnancy and SuperStar

A quick confession - Monika Bagárová spoke to us not only about her love with the MMA fighter: Maybe I won't finish shooting SuperStar!

Karolína Lišková
03.Feb 2020
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We interviewed the singer Monika Bagárová over a year ago when she participated in the show StarDance, a dance competition. In the meantime, her life has literally turned inside out. Not only has she managed to fall in love with the fighter of the highly dangerous MMA sport Makhmud Muradov, but she is also expecting a baby with him. Despite the last four months left until birth, Monika has not been resting and is still working at full speed. She intends to do a lot of work before the baby is born.

It's been already a year and a few months since we've last seen each other, you were in StarDance at that time. Back then I have asked you what else would you like to do because you have already achieved a lot for your age. You said you wanted to do as much as you could, but now you got pregnant.

I think that's the best thing. It's definitely not an obstacle for my music and career, right on the contrary, I think it opened a whole new chapter in my life and the interest is again from another perspective. Everything merges so nicely and I am really happy about it. I'm surprised how much work I have even after I announced my pregnancy.

Still, you cannot work so much...

I do so much that many people write to me that I should take it easy, that I go to concerts and so on. But it does me well, I'm glad to be on the move, among people and doing what I love. I think it doesn't matter for the baby. Of course I take care of myself, eating the way I should, I'm more cautious. But I have to say that the last gig gave me a lot of trouble. There were amazing people there, the whole club was sold out. There was also an autograph session, so today it is more a photo shoot than a signing session, but there are always people who want a signature. I arrived home at five in the morning and then I was completely destroyed the next day. At that time, my manager and I said we were going to slow down a bit more. But again, you want to do your best for your fans, be with them a while after the concert, take pictures, not let anyone leave disappointed that there was no photo shooting at all. Unfortunately, I will have to put some limits on this now.

Now, among other things, you are working together with your sister.

Yes, my sister and I already have a second duet, which she wrote with her boyfriend, and I just let myself to be guided. It has been a huge success, we have had almost 500,000 views in about a fortnight, which is great. We promoted it on TV, had an interview on music TV Óčko.

Your whole family is rather musical and artistic. Don't you want to do something together like The Kelly Family?

At birthdays and various family events we sing and create and enjoy the music in private. But our whole family leans more towards the traditional Roma art, and those who do such a modern, pop r’n’b genres are me and my sister.

My sister has a lot of ideas for new songs, writes lyrics and melodies. She is very skilled in this and we will certainly continue to co-work on other things.

Your boyfriend is an MMA fighter. I was really surprised, you are such a tiny, tiny singer. How did you get into this group of people?

It was quite simple. My sister's friend showed his profile to me on Instagram and I liked it. But I didn't like it just visually, something good was glowing from it. Of course, before I wrote to him, it took me a while because I looked at his interviews and reactions, and I thought this person might be close to my heart. I liked the fact that he had a family there, he was a kind person, he was helping children and very open to help others. So I thought I'd write to him, and since then somehow it went on.

So you picked him up?

The first impulse came from me, I just wished him victory, then he started picking me up. (Laughs)

How did the MMA world affect you? It's all bloody.

Since I didn't know much about it, I was shocked at first. I used to watch boxing with my dad, then we started watching MMA matches. It's violence, it's not entirely for everyone, but it has completely dominated the world. It's a sport that is very challenging. When I see these matches on TV, I don't feel good about seeing my boyfriend there. I worry about him, but I also trust him. I know how responsibly he prepares and how he trains. It's not easy, I know what the preparation involves and I know how much a match is worth. One bad hit and he is going to lose the match.

You don't want to reveal the sex of your baby. But what if it was a boy and he would follow in his father's footsteps?

I thought to myself that whatever the sex, I would always want the baby to do whatever it wants. Of course it depends so much on us, how we bring up the child, but if he is a boy and decides to be an athlete, he will have the best coach and the best preparation. If she is a little girl and decides to be a singer, I will take her to a good singer for singing classes. Of course it's all in the stars. But it would probably tear my heart apart if I saw my husband and my son in one cage. I can't imagine it at all.

How did that group of athletes accept you?

I don't think I stand out in any way. Many of them have tiny little girlfriends who do something completely different. Rather, they all ask me how I manage it all, but nobody asked him how he manages to be with a singer who is always traveling, touring and there are still many people around her. Rather, they find it strange how I perceive the violence, struggles and all that.

It is strange. You're a small crumb for me that wouldn't hurt a fly ...

I got used to it in some way, but every match is stressful, full of nerves and most of all fear. Anyway, by seeing how the preparation works and what it does, there is confidence on my behalf that he can handle the match.

Do you cook? These guys have to eat meat all the time.

Yes, I do. But since my boyfriend and I are very busy, he usually goes somewhere for a business lunch, then comes home and eats rather in the evening. I always call him and say, "Listen, I won't be throwing away the food, you'll eat at home!" (Laughs). When I throw away food, it bothers me, thinking about how many people in the world have nothing to eat. So sometimes I get mad. He doesn't make it for lunch most of the time, but then he would catch up in the evening.

How do you want to combine pregnancy with SuperStar? You are now in the fifth month, when will be the show finished?

I don't know the exact date, but it should end in early June.

So you'll be on TV with a belly?

Yes, I will, and it will be in the eighth or ninth month. It is going to be very tight. Of course, we cannot know this is plus or minus 14 days. I think everyone around me will think about it.

Does the production team count on the fact that you will have to give birth when the last episode should be shot?

Of course. They were one of the first ones in my business to be familiar with the date. But ideally, it should all work very well, so let's see.

I'd be terribly stressed out of it…

It's going to be a ride, and I'm actually looking forward to it. I'm really curious how the Lord will manage it and whether we will shoot it or not.

How are you preparing for giving birth? Are you scared?

I'm worried, of course. It is a thing that evokes respect in everyone, and a woman who is about to give birth for the first time does not fully know what to expect. When I talk to others who have already gone through it, one tells me that it's okay, that it was quickly over, another that it was a disaster and the birth lasted for two days. I don't even want to talk about it anymore. I personally think and feel that it might not work as bad as the women sometimes interpret. It's also about the psyche, but I will have great people around me, doctors I have arranged for.

In Brno?

No, in Prague, we live in Prague, so it will be here. I am ready for the fact that giving birth is difficult, but it just an unseparable act to us, women.

Has your partner decided already, if he wants to be present at birth?

Not yet. I think he is more afraid than I am. I don't even ask him anymore, either he wants to be there, or he he is going to stay behind the door and then comes back. I definitely don't want to force him. It can be a terrible shock to some guys, and I don't know myslef if I would want to see it, being a guy. I myself have a phobia of blood, in my opinion, if I went with my girlfriend to give birth, I would have fainted before she would.

You wouldn't faint. I was present at birth, and it's a miracle.

I believe you, I know it's a miracle, something wonderful. But everyone is different, we have our individual threshold of perception and sensitivity at a given moment, and as soon as someone starts to panic when they see blood… I can't just look at it. I was always afraid to go for blood samples, my mother always had to accompany me when I was a kid and I had to go there regularly. But no, I think it will be all fine, and I look forward to seeing the baby. I'd like to hurry it up.

Have you already selected any names?

We haven't, we have only one, and we had that from the very beginning when we found out about the sex of the baby. So there was no other name suggestion so fat, so I can't reveal anything. People wrote on Instagram if I show them the baby and tell them everything. We will keep it as a secret for a while, but I'll do it as I usually do things, based on emotions maybe when the baby is born.

How do you enjoy fashion? You haven't gained any weight yet.

No, not really. Pantyhose and dresses, I can't get into anything else. I don't like jeans at all and it bothers me when I have something too tight. It can be otherwise well masked, the belly. I adapt my fashion. When I know that I am going somewhere in my personal life, I also take on something that the belly can be seen in. When I go to the television to promote a music video, I dress up so that it is not extremely visible and we could talk mainly about music and discuss shooting a music video, for example. I adjust my outfit according to how I feel that day, my mood, and how much I want to show.

Have you seen any young mothers among your fans?

Too many young people who do not have children yet write to me that it suits me very well and wish me health, I am very pleasantly surprised. So far, there have not been any people telling me what to do. But today I was surprised by a comment on Instagram under my dance video that I should be careful, because the baby does not feel well during abrupt motions. It is not like this at all, if the mother is thinking positively and she and the baby is fine, I think she can move as much as she feels comfortable. For example, some dancers dance until they give birth, physical activity of the mother is also beneficial for the baby. I don't think it's good to just sit and watch how you move. Movement and fresh air is only beneficial if it is not a risky pregnancy.

How long are you going to devote to your motherhood, and in how long will you want to return back to singing?

I have no clue. It certainly won't be a long drop-out, but I would definitely like to be at home for the first three or four months. I will not go anywhere, for any interviews or concerts. I want to devote myself to the baby and I will not disturb this time in any way, because it will definitely need me. Then we'll see how it goes, and if it works, the baby will accompany me, someone will watch over the it.

Monika, thank you very much for the interview, good luck.

Fast confession:

The first thought that occurred to you when you found out that you were pregnant.

That we wanted it.

Your partner's first reaction when you told him.

Are you pregnant?

Will there be a wedding?

We will see, how it goes in the future. We haven't agreed on it yet, I think it should come naturally. And not by coercion of society.

Your mother's advice on how to manage pregnancy and childbirth with ease.

Be calm and not stress.

Would you like it to be a boy or a girl?

I don't care, I just want it to be healthy.

What feelings do you have when you see your partner wrestling in a cage.

Fear, nervousness, concerns, but I also believe him at the same time. It's a lot of mixed feelings together.

What is it like to return to SuperStar after ten years?

Beautiful. It is also respect, stage fright, but it is beautiful that I can sit there and have such great people around me. And maybe even give something to someone and maybe change someone's life.

Name one thing you miss when you lived in America.

My friend Verča.

What emotion will the word Australia bring up in you?

Sadness, I know what's going on there, feel sorry for that. I know I can't do anything about it myself. And I think it's worse than a lot of people think.

What would you tell Prince Harry and his wife Meghan?

That they are cute.

What else would you like to manage before giving birth?

Too many things. I still want to make at least two music videos and record two beautiful songs.

Do you tend to give birth at home or in the hospital?

Certainly not at home. In the hospital among professionals who understand the process and have experience.

Your partner has an unusual name, how do you call him at home?

I call him love, baby. His nickname is Machu. But I hardly tell him, almost not at all.

What is the craziest combination of tastes during pregnancy?

I'd say I'm not anyhow crazy. I still eat the same. Now I love brawn, vinegar and onion, which I always liked to eat, but for the first time I buy it home.
The interviewee asks the editor:

How are you today?

I'm happy to see you, you're such a smiling sunshine.
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