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Interview with the talented and popular photographer about his book, festival Burning Man, photography and other plans.

Fast Confession - Marek Musil: You Must See This! Exhibition of Famous Photographer in Flames!

Dominika Žejdl
19.Feb 2018
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His photos are breathtaking and everyone who looks at them, sees the work of a gifted artist. Marek Musil, who has been making photographs for twenty years, has gathered a lot of experience beyond the borders of the Czech Republic and although he makes a living as a commercial photographer, his love for other countries extends his portfolio by more incredible photos, full of beautiful, unexpected and live moments. Currently you can his photo exhibition World on Fire at Leica Gallery in Prague where he also launched his book. Marek still has a lot of marvellous plans, and is preparing a new interesting project. In an interview with Luxury Prague Life he confided how he really feels about photography.  

Mark, when I look at your portfolio, you have a relatively wide scope of subjects. What genre do you enjoy the most?

When you look at my portfolio on the web, everyone must see that I am a commercial photographer. In Prague I have been shooting fashion for ten years, although now I have been trying not to do it so much. I have a feeling that I am old and the 17-year old come for a photo shoot and say “Hello, Mr photographer” I do not feel too good. I do not want to shoot fashion photos, mainly because it is not moving me forward. 

Are your photographs primarily about improvisation, or do you plan everything to the last detail?

When I started as a photographer, it was a lot about improvisation, because I wanted to do portraits and I did not want to stylise those models in any way. I wanted simply to leave them in that environment and shoot. Later, when I began to make a living from it, the work and the assignment forced me to plan everything. To have an idea, etc. The photo campaigns are large-scale and there is a lot of money in it, but for me this planning goes against the grain.

What was your most racy photo shoot?

I think that I never had one. That is, leaving out that in commercial sphere I photograph something I don´t even understand. It is terribly bizarre. For example they give me some advertising campaign shoot for a bank where I photograph one foot in an orange sock, the other in a green sock. Or a monkey and apples, which will be turned into an advert for an alcoholic apple drink. 

How did you come across shooting a festival in the desert?

For me it was a dream that I wanted to fulfil for ten long years. Ten years ago when I moved to New York, I had a roommate, who went to the festival. And once he´s just arrived from Burning Mana, he was all dusty, all things were smelly, he was completely out after a week-long party. And he began to tell me about the festival, until then I had no idea about it, but after he told me his story I began to dream about taking a part in it.

What were the toughest conditions you had for photography?

I think in Nevada desert at the very Burning Man festival. The conditions are really difficult but the interplay of lights, sand, the atmosphere and the people behind are really worth it. 

You are also devoted to shooting underwater, how do you do that?

I carried out the photo-project Underwater when I lived in Florida. Now it is a bit on standby, but next year we are planning to revive it, in Indonesia. In the very beginning I worked a lot with sunlight because I at that time I did not have the option to get reasonable underwater lighting. Underwater flash wasn´t really the thing so in the end I ruled out their use. I finally arrived at using light not in water but into water, the flash was above the water surface. 

Do you have any time for music in your leisure?

Yes, I quite actively shoot concerts. The last time at a concert of Depeche Mode here in Prague. That was something unbelievable.

Which contract made your dream come true?

Each photo shoot fulfils your dream a little or reaches some objective. And I am very glad that I still enjoy photography.

Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem
Luxusní byt na prodej s terasou a výhledem, Praha 1

What are your future plans? Where are you headed?

I would like to show the people here in the Czech Republic my project Burning Man collection also from summer festivals. And I´ve been slowly planning a project, this time from one of the Caribbean island where I will of course take pictures.

You´ve published a book. What do you think is the best thing about it?

It is not possible to stick to one best or worse thing; I compiled the book so that it would be a story which will take you through festivals at three different continents. I want people to see the other side of how a festival can look like, after all it is quite different from those which take place here in the Czech Republic. 

Thank you so much for the interview. 

Fast confession:

Czech Republic or abroad?

Czech Republic.

A brunette or blond?


Greatest sin?


Black and white or colour photograph?


Do you use filters to edit photos on your mobile phone?

Of course.

Taking photos underwater or in the desert?

In the desert, in the desert, underwater, underwater.

The second most favourite activity after taking photos?


What can get your blood boiling?


Are you satisfied with the political situation?

With that beast that is up at Prague Castle? Of course.

Luxurious hotel or a tent?

Luxurious hotel.

What would you never take a picture of?

I take pictures of everything.

What is your life dream?

I have already fulfilled most of them so I don´t know...

Career or family?


Which Hollywood celebrity would you like to photograph?

Vladimir Iľjič Lenin.
The interviewee asks the Editor:

A brunette or blond?

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