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An interview with a designer who pleasantly shocks when seeing his models....

Quick Confession - Lukáš Krnáč: Styling of Models on my Show? Like after a Party at Six O'clock in the Morning!

Dominika Žejdl
29.Aug 2018
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Young Slovak fashion designer, Lukáš Krnáč belongs among true talents. He studied animated creation and currently he studies clothing design at Tomáš Baťa University in Zlín. Last year he won the first place in the competition Best in Design in the category of fashion design and simultaneously became the absolute winner of Best in Design of 2017. He is gifted and in his mind, he carries incredible, cheeky and shocking ideas. What will he present at this autumn MBPFW with his collection for SS 19? 

How do you prepare for MBPFW?

This season we will introduce a collection which we prepared together with Slovak designer Vivien Babicová and Kristýna Coufalová. We agreed on the subject of the collection, discussed our ideas and our preferences on the use of materials. However, each of us then works, throughout the period of preparations of a collection in own manner, pace and signature. After some time, we all came together and stylishly connected the fashion pieces into the various looks. 

Why did you decided to cooperate with these designers? 

We met in Zlín four years ago. Since then we have worked together on several projects, fashion shows and stylings. We have learned to work together, and we know what we can expect from each other. That is why we decided to prepare a joint show. 

So, you placed your bet on certainty, to ensure that the progress of the plan is as good as possible. What do you think is for you, during these preparations for such a show, the worst thing of all?

The worst thing is to synchronise the time, because each of us is terribly busy. But that is always the case. 

And the best?

The sharing of different ideas and impulses.

Luxusní vila na prodej, Praha-západ - 370m
Luxusní vila na prodej, Praha-západ - 370m, Okolí Prahy

How would you describe your collection SS 19?

When we were with Vivien and Kristýna designing the SS 19 collection, we were inspired by the PARTY theme. We put a slightly ironic touch to it, showing people that you would normally meet in the streets, at a party or after the party around six o´clock in the morning. 

So, it will be a richly ironic show that will amuse and entertain everyone?

Definitely! After all, that is how it works in everyday life. 

Your collections and ideas are very courageous, playful and you always ´draw attention´ to something, how will it be with the collection of SS 19?

This year I don´t draw attention to anything. This year we have decided that we will mainly have fun. A PARTY! 

Who will be the star of your fashion show?

I hope everyone who will attend our show.

But don´t you have in mind some specific special person whom you would like to dress for your show?

We will have eight extra personalities that we have chosen and approached together, because they seem interesting to us and therefore we wanted them to participate. I devised a campaign where I would like to work with one notable Slovak singer. I do not know her personally and I cannot say whether she would be willing to make fun of herself, so I am hesitant. 

This is very interesting, will you tell me more about your plans?

I cannot tell you more at the moment, because it is so great that someone could steal the idea. (laughter)

Well, let us go back to fashion. How do you choose the materials and where do you buy it?

 It always depends on the topic and the ideas that I have. Materials are bought predominantly in the Czech Republic and Slovakia. 

Where do you look for inspiration in the creation of your collections?

Hm. Inspiration finds me.

That is a very interesting answer, will you explain it to us a little?

I have never looked for inspiration. Since my childhood ideas always somehow flowed to me. The images, moments and information that impress me, get stored in my mind and I pay attention to them. On top of that, I am very curious and in some way I like annoying uncomfortable situations, because they push me forward, to be more creative and more thoughtful. I like when people are inventive or exaggerate. So basically, I listen a lot and it comes by itself. 

And what do you like about fashion the most?


How would you describe fashion you create and what do you want to communicate through it? 

My designs are primarily for young people who like colours and the cheek of it. Each collections comments on a selected topic. In the collection as a whole you will always find some story, but the models themselves are then just clothing that is designated to be worn.

You are a holder of several awards, was it your dream or did you get to it by chance?

My dream was to create and to pursue something creative. I have never been oriented in one direction, because I enjoyed doing more things at once. To work with an image, make a show, search for shapes and combine things. And, of course, receive feedback. I have discovered by degrees that it is work with clothes that contains all of this and I found myself in this field. The rest is not by chance, but behind everything I have achieved is really a lot of hard work. And of course, also a bit of luck, when I obtained those awards. 

Which World Fashion Week is the best in your opinion?

Such that brings new impulses, inspiration and nice clothes...

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

To which one you would like to get with your brand? 

London, because I would like to have a show in terrible pouring rain, that would be really sexy. 

It is said that your collections are not very wearable, but they are stellar on fashion catwalks. What do you think about it?

He who says that my collections are not wearable, probably just saw only my show and that was that. Of course, the show is exaggerated, wild, extravagant and insane, by presentation as well as styling, but that is part of it, otherwise nobody would enjoy it. However, if you break the looks down into individual pieces, I think that eighty percent of the collection is wearable. They may be beautifully combined with other clothing from your wardrobe.  

I have also noticed that you have dressed Markéta Konvičková and singer Sima. How was the cooperated with the girls?

With Sima the cooperation was only very marginal. I was approached about provision of items for a photo shoot, for a selected Slovak magazine and indeed we have seen each other only once. With Markétka the cooperation was much more intense, and I have to say that it was really good. She got in touch with me after the show at the last MBPWF, where she liked my models. Then we met and talked about outfits for her concerts. At the same time, she asked me about styling for a video clip. But that is not all, because we are still talking about new pieces. 

I have seen all of the outfits and I must say that on the girls they looked sensational. Which other well-known personality do you dress?

With Vivien Babicová we cooperated for example with Lady Mel or Anita Soul as regarded styling for a video clip or a dance performance. Also, with singer Ronnie. In the framework of editor´s reviews in a magazine you could have seen my clothing worn for example by singer Dara Rolins, Aňa Geislerová or Karolina Kurková. Currently I am arranging further cooperation that will soon come to the public, too. 

Will you tell us at least some details?

She is the most laid-back and funniest presenter. 

And her name is?

Still a secret!

What do you want to achieve in this field?

I would like to devote myself to design and be good at it. I want to keep having plenty of ideas and be sufficiently flexible to be able to work in this field and function as long as possible, keeping up the pace and zest. That is probably the most demanding aspect. If I succeed, I can for example lead a fashion house. I have always been courageous. 

When you began designing, did you think that you will get this far?

After an interval of four years, I do not know exactly what I thought at the time, or what objectives I had. But I always have tried to do my work at one hundred percent and then the next one even better. 

Your words are very strong. You are young, talented and ambitious. Is there anything else, apart from fashion, that would attract you?

Thank you! I enjoyed working as a director. To work with the image and the movement, for example make video clips or campaigns. If it should be something completely different, I would like to work in the radio, talk to interesting people about interesting things and every day to learn something new. 

Where would you like to have your boutique?

Currently I sell my clothes at two places in Prague. In The Address Idea and in Bibloo. I haven´t thought so much about where I would like to have a boutique, perhaps it is not so important. Everyone can find me on Instagram @krnaclukaswork, where people can contact me by email. Also, soon I am to start my e-shop where it will be possible to purchase the clothes online. So, who wants to find me, can do so even without me having my own boutique.

You have said that in addition to preparations for the MBFPW there is a lot of other work to do, so what else are you engaged in? 

Finally, I have finished production of items which I sell, and in which there is the greatest interest. Often, we shoot something or there are photo shoots. In the meantime, I am working on three relatively large cases of cooperation, where I have been approached, but that is information which I cannot publish yet. I try to study, too. 

And what does it look like with the studies, are you going to continue?

Within the studies, I would certainly like to try some training abroad. 

Fast confession:

Is there a thing that you would never put on?

I do not think so.

Who is more daring fashion-wise in your opinion, the Czechs or the Slovaks?

I think the Slovaks.

Take fashion seriously or with humour?

With humour.

The craziest piece you have ever designed?

There are more, but the piece about which people went crazy were those banana sweatshirts.

A luxurious dinner or expensive shoes?

Perhaps some nice, expensive shoes.

Favourite material which you like to create from?


How do you cope with criticism?

Perhaps it depends who makes it.

Who is your muse?

I do not have any.

Which Czech or Slovak celebrity has style in your opinion?

From Slovakia I like Adela Vinczeová and Zdena Studenková.

And who absolutely does not?

I will perhaps not answer that.

The most expensive fashion piece?

I probably spend the most on glasses.

Which world-famous personality would you like to dress?

Jessica Lange.

Which Czech model or actress would most suit your models?

That probably depends on their taste.

What is your life dream?

Meet people on the street, wearing my clothes.
Interviewee asks the editor:

Which Czech or Slovak celebrity has no style in your opinion?

I will not answer that.
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