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Fast confession - Dara Rolins: I would definitely like to adopt

01.Nov 2017
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Dara has released a new CD and a diary with a detox programme for the year 2018. But currently she is most enjoying the school duties of her daughter Laura. However Dara also remains active too. She promotes healthy lifestyles and, if she has the opportunity, she engages in charity. In her interview for Luxury Prague Life she also talked about adoption. 

Dara Rolins
Rytmus, Dara Rolins and Laura
Dara Rolins

You are a singer and a fashion guru, but you also write, especially about healthy diets.

I'm active in all kinds of different ways. Perhaps this stems from my natural lifestyle. “Good Food Life” bars are produced from many kinds of high-quality ingredients. One is actually named after me – “Mandarinka” [Tangerine]. I try to not only exercise but also to eat healthily. I am very interested in the issue of diet and with my friend Simona Kordová we are heading in that direction and following it step-by-step

You also issued a diary that included a detoxification programme. This one is now the second that is available in the market. The question is what will it actually offer in addition to listing the days of the month?

“The Year According to Dara” is our common path. Last year it worked well and I hope this year it will too. My wishes reflect my thoughts and insights and also the adventures that I have experienced and that I have gained and tried out myself while also making the day more pleasant for anyone else who takes a peek into the diary. You will also find a practical mirror there together with 26 photos from my private life and an additional 28 pages of text including tips, recipes and my own specific insights.

You keep your body in good condition not only with food and exercise, but also with dancing that you perform during your own concerts. Are you also going to let us “twist a lot” while we’re listening to your new CD too?

It definitely is dancing album, and you will find a very wide range of songs on it. After all the joys on one hand and the crises on the other I accept the consequences calmly and a delightful state of reconciliation just arrives. This is what my new “ETC” album is about and it really is very authentic.

You were shooting The Rainbow clip during the holidays which is kind of hippie. Laura also appeared in it there too. How was it for her? It was her very first shoot.

I think she enjoyed it very much. She enjoyed it, and I am glad that she was there. I definitely do not want to push her but it just came out naturally from the song. I really did want her to be there.

And what were your holidays like apart from the work that you did?

They were great! We did not have to get up to go to school and the weather was gorgeous. I love the sun and we’ve been travelling a whole lot and we even went to Bali for several weeks.

How did you spend your holidays when you were a little girl?

When I was nine, I went to visit my grandmothers a lot. My grandma on my father’s side had a house with an orchard. She had hens and a pig and they lived such a village style of life there, which I, as a city girl, liked very much. For me it really was a totally different world.

And what about you and the school?

I remember it but I am glad that I do not have to go there anymore because I did not want to go there in the first place. I was a good average. I did not always get “A” marks, but the fact is that after basic school I went on to the Art School, which I enjoyed a lot and it made it all much better, so I have nice memories of those school years.

What did you have troubles with and what did you not enjoy?

Mathematics, physics, chemistry. I did not enjoy these subjects. To this day, I have a problem to understand those subjects. Now even with Laura, and she is only in the third grade, I’m often lost. I do this by having a lot of friends on the phone, so I find out and I get the advice that I need to know. In front of Laura I pretend that I understand everything but then I leave it up to her.

What kinds of things do you need to buy regularly for Laura during the school year?

We regularly select a school bag and other school aids. We do not always agree in terms of our tastes and our opinions but this time we did reach a consensus. I’m a classic mum, one who goes shopping with her child.

You also assist other children. Recently you joined in one project and you were giving-out the school supplies for children from children’s homes. How do you feel about these activities?

I am happy to be a happy person! I have a great family, a healthy child and a great job. My primary philosophy is that if I want to get I also have to give. That’s why I do it and I try to do it also in charity. When I can help, I will help.

Is it really emotional for you when you go to a children’s home to offer support to the children there?

I visit, I help, I do it often and it is very sad for me. I’m interested in it and I am mum myself but I experience it strongly and I often encounter things that I do not understand. For example I simply cannot understand how anyone can possibly leave these kids.

Have you ever dealt with the issue of adoption?

So far I have not, since I have not encountered the problem of not being able to have my own child. On the other hand, I find it logical when such a problem arises and a woman cannot have her own child. I would definitely be interested in adoption and I would certainly think about it.

And what about your parents? Your Dad was undoubtedly the important man of your life. What was he actually like?

He was as perfect, as Dads can be. And that special relationship that exists between daughters and fathers, that’s something that has a specific magic of its own. I love to remember him, and in this way he’s here with me now. I can feel it.

Are you trying to be like your mum?

I’m somewhat too aware of the mistakes that she was making. I’m definitely making them myself too and no mum is perfect. I’m seeking that Laura sees a friend in me and that she is not afraid to tell me about things that she might be ashamed of or about the mistakes that she has made and that she feels support from me.

What have you inherited from your parents?

Common sense and love as well. There was a lot of love in our family; neither of my parents was afraid of showing their love. We and Laura are always welcoming, goodbyeing, kissing, hugging and praising each other.

Is there a special moment that you would like to roll back to – or not have to roll back to?

That both my Dad and my best friend left me behind during the same year. I consider the departure of the people we love to be the greatest injustice, even though this is the only fair thing in the world.

Fast confession:

Hip Hop or R&B?

I think R&B is closer to my heart.

So the place on earth that is closest to your heart?


The most important person?


Where do you like to relax?

In Bali and in L.A.


Now I have Chanel No. 5.

Favourite clothing?

Sweat-pants and baggy pants.


Mandarinka [Tangerine]

Meat or salad?

Salad - ideally with fish.

Which of your diaries is more important for you?

I do not like to look back, so inevitably 2018 is better.

The number of songs that there are on your new CD?


Which one is the most important for you?

Duha [“The Rainbow”]

How many shoes are in your cupboard?

Eighty or more? I really don’t know.

How can you manage to always be smiling so much?

Because I’m so often in your company.
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