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The most followed influencers in the Czech Republic who conquered Instagram.

The queens of Czech Instagram: A mouthy blonde, a beauty with burns or former youtuber battling anorexia

Šárka Peková
17.Jan 2021
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Kristýna Třešňáková alias Týnuš Třešničková

Instagram is the world's most popular platform for influencers, and the same is true in the Czech Republic. In this article, we will specifically focus on the Czech "Instawomen", who are among the most followed in our country, and at the same time their names come up in the Czech media. They are special in that they not only have interesting content and a large number of fans, but at the same time they know their way around it, so they can make some good money through social networks, which most people would spend a much longer time earning. We will not tease you further. These are the queens of Czech Instagram!

Anna Šulcová aka @anasulcova (850,000 followers)

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Anna Šulcová alias Anna Sulc
Anna Šulcová alias Anna SulcSource: Archiv Anny Šulcové

Anna Šulcová is one of the most prominent influencers, evidenced by the fact that she is a holder of multiple Czech Social Awards in the category focused on inspiration and influence. The merely 21-years-old native of Prague, who likes to shoot dance videos and blogs from her travels around the world, won the title of Video Blogger of the Year in 2017 and a year later she placed first in the Best Instagram of the Year poll.

Although Anička is racking up one success after another, according to her words, she did not have an easy childhood. In elementary school, she was the victim of bullying, wore different clothes, and listened to different music. However, with her originality, she eventually gained a lot of fans, who catapulted her to the top of the influencer scene. Among other things, the popular Czech also became famous for meeting her beloved Shawn Mendes and by filming one series she made enough money to meet singer Justin Bieber. She currently supplies her fans on Instagram, where she has 850,000 followers from dance and fashion videos. Lately, she has also been working a lot on her figure through regular exercise.

Nikola Čechová aka @shopaholicnicol (793,000 followers)

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Nikola Čechová alias Shopaholic Nicol
Nikola Čechová alias Shopaholic NicolSource: Archiv Nikoly Čechové

Nikola Čechová aka Shopaholic Nicol primarily became famous as a fashion youtuber, but her number of fans on Instagram, where she has almost 800,000 followers, is much higher. During the nine years of her blogging career, she has developed into one of the most sought-after and best-paid influencers. Currently, Nikola works as a TV presenter for Óčko and together with Milan Peroutka she hosts the show Breakfast with Nova. She spends her free time mainly with her partner Jakub Mahdal and enjoys traveling. In 2017, she also released her first song Ztracená and appeared in the music video for the musician Pokáč.

The holder of the Blogger of the Year award and the Czech Social Awards bases her marketing image on a few long-term paid collaborations, but at the same time she likes to support charity and projects for which she will not get paid. For example, she visited two People in Need missions - in Zambia - free of charge to show her fans the poverty in Africa and in eastern Ukraine to showcase life near the battlefront. Recently, the 31-year-old native of Prague's Letná has also focused on improving her figure through a healthy diet and regular exercise. In this respect, too, she can publicly praise various people and companies without it being an official collaboration.

Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m
Luxusní byt na prodej Praha - 320m, Praha 5

Barbora Ondráčková aka @fashioninmysoul (536,000 followers)

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Barbora Ondráčková
Barbora OndráčkováSource: Archiv Barbory Ondráčkové

Lifestyle blogger and fashion influencer Barbora Ondráčková owns one of the most followed blogging accounts in the Czech Republic. She already has over half a million subscribers on her perfectly arranged Instagram profile, on which he shares travel experiences and everyday shots, and as she admits, she spends four to five hours taking and editing photos.

For several years, the 24-year-old blogger, living in the Czech Republic and Germany, has been actively involved in running her own website, where she shares with her readers a passion for travel, fashion and lifestyle. Her travels, which sparked a wave of debate at the time of covid, have already led her to many destinations and she also regularly attends World Fashion Weeks. Thanks to this, her website was appraised as one of the TOP 10 fashion blogs in the Czech Republic. Among other things, this successful Czech managed to cooperate with large brands such as Cartier or Dior. She says her dream selfie would be with Coco Chanel or Karel Lagerfeld, who even followed her on Instagram.

Bé Hà Nguyen aka @beha_nguyen (510 000 followers)

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Bé Hà Nguyen
Bé Hà NguyenSource: Archivy Bé Hy Nguyen

Bé Hà Nguyen, also known as Míša, is one of the most famous Czech influencers. In her Stylewithme vlogs, she focuses mainly on fashion, cosmetics and travel, and the same goes for her Instagram, where she already has over 500,000 followers. Last year, the 20-year-old beauty with Vietnamese roots even published a Vietnamese cookbook with her mother, who will teach you a lot of traditional Vietnamese recipes, and which is also currently sold out.

Bé Ha herself publicly admitted that she always wanted to be a blogger, but when she started, the blogging market was already quite saturated. That's why she set up a YouTube channel that wasn't so popular at the time, and it paid off for the Vietnamese beauty, as the platform gradually outgrew the entire blogosphere. She currently has 395,000 subscribers on her Youtube channel, but he can be boast 510,000 followers on her Instagram! But as she claims, she talks to people based on sympathies, not the number of followers. People who do not appear on social networks are often much more interesting to her.

Tereza Hodanová aka @terihodanova (445,000 followers)

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Tereza Hodanová alias Teri Blitzen se svým přítelem
Tereza Hodanová alias Teri Blitzen se svým přítelemSource: Archiv Terezy Hodanové

Former Czech youtuber and winner of the Utubering Awards in the women's category The Most Popular Youtuber, Tereza Hodanová, aka Teri Blitzen, is currently focusing on her own project Girls To Girls, which supports women's and girls' empowerment. In the past, she also became famous for her relationships with actor Zdeněk Piškula and rapper John Machetta, with whom she sang the song Vánoční.

In August 2019, Teri shocked the public by admitting that she had had a problem with an eating disorder for ten years. Although the 20-year-old beauty regularly received dozens of compliments about her figure, she was not happy in her own body. The biggest support for her was her friend Jakub Strach known as NobodyListen, but she still had to seek professional help. In addition to the already mentioned project, she is currently working with healthy products and at the same time studying psychology. And how many followers can Teri boast on Instagram? 450 thousand!

Kristýna Třešňáková aka @tresnickova (459,000 followers)

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Kristýna Třešňáková alias Týnuš Třešničková
Kristýna Třešňáková alias Týnuš TřešničkováSource: Archiv Kristýny Třešňákové

Kristýna Třešňáková, known as Týnuš Třešničková, focuses mainly on beauty, fashion and lifestyle on her social media. She currently has almost 460,000 followers on her instagram profile. The 25-year-old native of Liberec has had a high number of hits since a few years ago, but it increased after a tragic event on holiday in Turkey, where she was with her then-boyfriend Viktor Hajíček.

In September 2018, the charming influencer was burned at the Nusr-Et steak restaurant in Istanbul, owned by renowned chef Nusret Göcke, nicknamed Salt Bae. After this unfortunate event, she ended up in the care of Turkish doctors and suffered second-degree burns, especially on her face and upper body. Týnuš spent three-quarters of the year at the hospital and only a few months later showed the public her burned body. Despite the fact that the accident left physical and certainly also psychological marks on her, at present the well-known Czech is happy alongside her new boyfriend and has already learned to show her scars proudly.

Aneta Chovanová aka @ a.n.d.u.l.a (223,000 followers)

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Aneta Chovanová alias A.N.D.U.L.A
Aneta Chovanová alias A.N.D.U.L.ASource: Archiv Anety Chovanové

Aneta Chovanová, known as A.N.D.U.L.A, is one of the well-known faces of Instagram and her popularity grew rapidly in 2017, when she started uploading comedy videos to her profile. On her account, where she already has 223,000 followers, she always tries to be herself and with her perfect look, outlook on life and a pinch of an attittude she is an inspiration for many women. She also tells her followers about everyday life with added humor and talks openly about the problems of today's society.

The 29-year-old influencer is not only famous for her sincerity and sense of humor, her relationships are also interesting. In one year, she managed to marry Petr Mikšíček, divorce, get pregnant by and break up with her son Patrik's father, František Doležal, whom she fell madly in love with and for whom she left her first husband. Shortly after she revealed her pregnancy to the world, however, she broke up with František because his infidelity came to light. However, Aneta showed everyone that even single mothers can be self-sufficient. A few days ago, she shocked her followers when she announced her big return to the skirt chaser and did not rule out that it might end in a fiasco.

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