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Beauty is not always the focus of success. The main items in today's modeling world are "otherness" and language skills.

Pure model 2018: Mainstream models are not in!

Jana Fikotová
09.Oct 2018
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The first Pure Model 2018 has its winners and the judges had a very difficult choice. All of the finalists had something special to them. In the end the winner was fifteen-year-old Anna Brodecká, with a height of 177 cm and the measurements 81-60-88. Sixteen-year-old Oliver Průcha won in the male category.

"Anna was a clear favorite, yet we had a big dilemma. All the girls were tall, which is a must in the world of modeling. On the other hand, all of them had something special, yet they were not necessarily beautiful. That's not what modeling is about," said Pure Model 2018 director Roman Holárek.

The first year of Pure Model

Roman Holárek had been preparing the luxury contest for six months and it was important for him not to underestimate the casting. There were several of them and the finalists then had the opportunity to go through several work shops.

"We learned to walk, talk, eat, dress. I liked it very much. It was definitely important to us because most of us had never done modeling," admitted Anna, whose parents and friends came to support her in the final.

Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m
Luxusní byt na prodej, Praha 5 - 232m, Praha 5

The most important is “otherness”

A model career surely awaits this high-school student abroad, as Pure Model sends its models especially across borders. That is why the highest priority, in addition to height and measurements, are language skills and so-called otherness.

"There are many models and models in the world, so if someone stands out, it's only a plus," Holárek said.

The competition was also big among the men, although there were much fewer of them. "We chose very different types, there were many to choose from, although much fewer boys than girls came to the castings," added Holárek, whose favorite was also the winner.

Sixteen-year-old Oliver Průcha got into the competition by chance. He was contacted on a social network. "I had no experience with modeling before the competition. The agency addressed me through Instagram. I must say it's great because girls like it when I say I'm a model. It's going to be worse with school, I'm going to travel a lot now, so I will have an individual plan," explains the charismatic young man who definitely is not afraid to speak in front of people, which was one reason why he charmed the judges.

The male and female models battled at an airport!

The luxury finale took place in the unusual spaces of Letňany Airport hangar. Libor Bouček and Veronika Farářová were the hosts. Both winners won a 1 million crown contract. The main star of the evening was singer Mikolas Josef, whom the same agency discovered for global catwalks. In the end, however, his love for music prevailed.

"I did not have a very good experience with modeling. It was mainly abroad where I decided to end my modeling career. I am not the kind to let myself be evaluated on the basis of my appearance," recalls Mikolas.

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