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Other rare artifacts from the Maestro's life have been discovered

The release of Karel Gott's autobiography has been postponed, forget about finding it under the Christmas tree!

Karolína Lišková
07.Sep 2020
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Karel Gott v posledních letech života pracoval na autobiografii.

The fans are shedding bitter tears! Literally. The book of the legendary Karel Gott, who died last October at the age of eighty, was supposed to be this autumn's blockbuster on the shelves of all bookstores. Towards the end of his life, the Maestro devoted himself to writing his autobiography, which is eagerly expected by his supporters not only in the Czech Republic, but especially in Germany. However, last weekend the widow of the singer announced via social networks that the release of the book would be postponed.

Karel Gott finished his autobiography already during his lifetime, having gradually assembled it from a mosaic of memories, which he has been editing and rewriting over the last couple of years. However, while preparing the book for publishing, the editorial team has acquired - and keeps acquiring - a large number of unique photographs, documents and archival materials that have never been published before. The existence of some of them is said to have been a surprise for everyone involved.

She intends to keep her promise

"I promised my husband that we would bring the book, which he had been working on so meticulously in the last years of his life, visually and graphically into a form with which he would have been able to identify himself and been satisfied down to the tiniest detail. Most of the photographs, as well as the cover of the publication and its title, along with all the chapters, were approved by Karel. He went through the photos in September last year, when he was forced to spend his time mostly at home in his armchair or on bed rest,"

writes Ivana on Facebook, adding that her husband gave her permission to let his admirers and readers take a closer look at his artistic creative soul also through his drawings, handwritten notes and song lyrics. They will even be able to get a glimpse at his childhood, thanks to the authentic testimony of his report cards and school notes.

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Ivana found a treasure

Despite the unceasing pain caused by the passing of her life partner, Gottová is constantly looking for new documents in her husband's writings.

"After my husband's departure, I kept finding more and more rare artifacts and documents while sorting the archives, which I immediately knew should not be missing from the book."

Therefore, Ivana feels the need to be true to her promise that the autobiography of such an exceptional person would be as unusual and sincere as Karel's life was - not only in terms of textual content, but also in terms of graphics and images. But the changes require additional processing time. That is why Ivana Gottová decided to postpone the release of the expected bestseller.

"I am sincerely sorry to disappoint you (hopefully only for a moment) by announcing that my colleagues and I have, after a long and mature consideration, reached the difficult decision to postpone the publication of the book to March next year. I know that many of you are looking forward to it and eagerly awaiting its release."

Fans have patience

Seconds after the post went public, Ivana started receiving messages from fans and admirers of the Maestro.

"We don't mind the wait!"

resounds unanimously.

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